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  1. feralsprint

    Passed Australian Sva

    Well done dave that now makes it 2 Hoods on the road in Aust, your 111A and our 2B and only about 1000ks between us now we can start our own local group but meetings are to be a bugga Jon
  2. Thanks for the replies people it is as I feared after looking at the thing, not fun but i guess we will have to do it soon as the passenger side has movement regards Jon
  3. OK we decided to adjust the front wheel bearings and it appears that the are adjusted from the back inside, is this correct and if so it would seem that we have to pull the whole front suspension set up apart to do it, am i missing something or is this correct, maybe its cause the car is upside down now its down here in Australia. Let me know if I am wrong as I am really hoping I am Jon
  4. feralsprint

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all, it's just abou a pefect day for hooding down here, mid 20s and light breeze hope you all have a safe and happy day Jon
  5. Thanks people for the great info, as usual this club and the site are the best Longboarder I have PMd you, thanks mate I will take yopu up on your offer Jon
  6. Hello all my fellow Hood owners( or is that people owned by our hoods) any way as the title says I am having a little probelm with the clutch quadrant on the pedal, it has the yellow one on it and it was fine with the Sierra 1.6 and box but since fitting the 2 litre and matching box we are having a little problem, everytime we adjust the cable out so we can drive the car as soon as you bump the pedal the pressure on the pedal causes the quadrant to let go as there is no free play in the cable at all when its adjusted to work. Now out here in Australia we don;t have a lot of Sierra or later model capri's or the like and I know that over there you can get larger radius quadrants to fit, do any of you good people know if any of these larger quads were fitted to mk2 escorts or type 4 cortina or the like, if not would one of you good people have one you could send us out here, we can send you some beer tokens vis PAYPAL if you have an account, anyhows I hope to hear from you good people soon Jon
  7. Thanks for that, once I know which one I can try and get one Jon
  8. I had a look at Burton's but there are a couple of senders on the site for Sierra and it doesn't really tell which one is which, but thanks anyway Jon
  9. we do have Fords out here as well but according to the parts people one sender fits all, Cortina, Escort, Capri now the original engine and dash from the car were from a 84 Sierra GL 1600 and that is the temp sender I am after, I would be very happy if next time someone is at the spares place they coud find out which one i should be running it would be appreciated greatly Jon
  10. Chris Wish I could but it was broken when we tried to get it out, it was black and had a spade connection where the one we have now uses a round connection :gdit:
  11. Well over the last few weeks we have been upgrading the 2B by fitting a new engine ( 1600 to 2000 with mild cam twin Dellorto's and the stainless 4-1 exhaust) and dash, the dash is the 150 mph one with tacho from a Sierra but the engine I have fitted has the wrong sender in it, it is just touching the red on the gauge when the thermostat opens. Does anyone have info on part numbers and specs for the different senders, I have seen that over there are more than one, out here in Australia we have one listed for all pinto engines and it would be great if the right one could be sourced over there for the dash and engine. Thanks as usual people for any info Jon
  12. feralsprint

    2b Weight

    As said 700 kilo weighed on a weigh bridge with everything on the car even the spare wheel, screen, heater and a full tank of fuel, now I know that a Westie weighs about 650 all up and that is with seats that you cant sit in and all plastic panels so a Hood is not that much heavier and at least you can fit your backside in it
  13. feralsprint

    2b Weight

    Our 2B weighed in at 700 kilo with a full tank of fuel (Sierra Tank) and all gear attached including spare wheel Jon
  14. we spaced out the front wheels using these spacers, we found we needed to come out about 35mm to clear the inside of the rim and as salty said we now can get the tyres to rub on the clamsheel guards at the front and we are toying with the idea of raising the front spring rate a little to overcome this, with a small bump rubber placed under the bottom of the pilar to stop the clunk rattle when the wheel goes down and the inside of the rim being cleared the front end is now very quiet Jon
  15. Sue happy birthday mate from over here in Australia a great job you are doing Jon
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