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  1. red robin

    expansion bottle

    So go for suction fan which will draw heat from the engine into the fan or blow? Mount on the front or rear?
  2. red robin

    expansion bottle

    Now just a new updated fan may be the easiest and cheapest way to go for starters.
  3. red robin

    expansion bottle

    Intercooler pipes get quite warm almost to hot to touch, I was hoping to get better cooling to the intercooler and improve efficiency of main radiator by getting a more efficient radiator and standing it vertical allowing me to duct more air at the intercooler
  4. red robin

    expansion bottle

    Sits around 85 degrees normal pottering around. Gets hot in traffic even with radiator fan on full and heater fan. Had the radiator cap pop once to release pressure. I normally leave the radiator fan on full as soon as it’s warm 80 degree
  5. red robin

    expansion bottle

    It’s good to know your top hose is empty when cold, thanks what I have been trying to cure.
  6. red robin

    expansion bottle

    I think your right spend the cash on a good radiator intercooler combo.
  7. red robin

    expansion bottle

    Europarts sell waterless coolant it’s a refrigerant with a much higher boiling point than water so no pressure / steam at normal running temps. You can get 50% discount from their codes. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/evans-power-cool-180-waterless-coolant-5ltr-993778001?type=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwirz3BRD_ARIsAImf7LM1VP0t0B3WeQBzLgbykm_HsLN_wzMMVKnnpPgYf88xypw6T71HUbAaAtLZEALw_wcB
  8. red robin

    expansion bottle

    I am converting to waterless coolant due to expansion problems where my exp bottle can’t be mounted high enough to avoid an air pocket building in in a top hose.
  9. Turbo engine, 170 hp at wheels so assume 210 ish at the fly wheel, the bung keeps the O2 down without that gases would fail mot.
  10. Love the gold look mmmmm.

    who did you go to for the stainless tube? Did you roll the sheet yourself for the silencer? I have an Ac Dc rig so can weld most anything. Have you any baffles or muffling? My exhaust is stock and looks naf

  11. My idle is a problem, I believe a stepper motor on the throttle body is supposed to be connected to the ECU and mapped against engine temp. No matter what I programme the idle is to low when cold 650rpm but is ok when hot 900rpm so my only adjustment is on the throttle cable. So next job after greasing is see if I have power at the stepper motor, if so I need to know how many steps in a rotation to set the range.
  12. Just found I have no heater matrix either, I have electric screen heaters and the heater fan on my feet seems to be bringing air from the engine bay!
  13. I have just been to Raw speed tuning in Plymouth and been refining my ECU set up. I have a knock on acceleration and deceleration which hopefully can be heard on the video, seems a bit excessive comments please. Geordie40 says check UV bolts and grease and? Ended up with 167hp And 158 ft/lbs torque at the wheels around 10psi boost. is this pretty much what is expected? (with cat still in situ) so maybe around 210 at flywheel.
  14. Yep, this evenings job. I have a narrow band sensor and set the ECU while having gas analyses at 2500rpm. I still had to block one of the two exhaust outlets to get gasses in spec. I can send you the ECU map or pics if you can use them for upload. Did you hear the knock on the video?
  15. Hi, I had to have an ankle joint fused which I thought may stop me driving a manual but didn’t so back in the super sport. I have an Adaptronic ECU from an Australian outfit. Basic but easy to navigate. I had mot emission faIlures so had to learn about the ECU A’s no one seemed to be able to help just pre written maps none of which helped. Graham at Rawspeed builds race engines and knew just what to do. Do you have a heater matrix behind the dash? My dials steam up so guess I have a leak, choice is by pass or renew depending on if I can get to it.
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