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  1. red robin

    Clutch Woes

    If there is a local boat chandlery you can buy bolt on cable ends / clamps
  2. red robin

    Mot Today

    Can anyone confirm what mot emission levels (if any) my 1994 manufactured T16 (Rover 2.0 Turbo) engined SS registered in 2012 on a 62 plate should be subject too. Under the taxable emissions on GOV uk it says 0g/KG The car has NA against emissions on the IAC date of manufacture is 2012 date of Registration says used so is it subject to 3.5?
  3. Would anyone know what the crank and cam trigger patterns are for the T16 engine? Adaptronic the manufacturer of my ECU are putting together a map to compare to the existing map so say set for running the car in and have asked for the info. without taking out the injectors can I assume they would be red band around 260cc
  4. red robin

    Events Why ? Hants & Dorset Area

    Hi, New member here, you mention a meet Devon and Cornwall border. I checked the Calendar and can't see any info. Living in Looe it may be a close venue for my first outing. Bought the car last Wednesday been damp ever since!
  5. Hi All, I know these questions are wide open but I would greatly appreciate any help given. Just bought myself a SS 2003 kit IVA 2012.built by ASR. Firstly anything to check safety wise apart from checking every nut and bolt? suspension mods etc I was told it is mapped for running in with mileage now 1003. it has a Adaptronic 420 ECU. does anyone have any optimum ECU settings / files or can recommend a tuning specialist (in cornwall or Devon)