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  1. Remaining bits left on ebay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_ssn=reaperproductions&_sop=1 Last few kit car bits remaining for sale, brake calipers, anti roll bar, gearbox, complete sierra rear axle, cycle wings, alloy wheels etc.
  2. Search reaperproductions on ebay to see whats left. Open to reasonable offers.
  3. Sorry u trim and indicators gone.
  4. Ok can u collect? Just outside newcastle upon tyne
  5. Exhaust gone already. Will update ad at weekend with more details
  6. Try now, https://reaperproductions.co.uk/sale/main.php?cmd=album
  7. See photos and amended list above. https://reaperproductions.co.uk/sale/main.php?cmd=album
  8. Engine sold. Will get back to you on exhaust tonight
  9. See link for photos etc. https://reaperproductions.co.uk/sale/main.php?cmd=album 4x TSW Hockeniems 4x108 Ford Fitment. Falken 205 50 15 tyres 5mm tread. Including centre caps, clips and tool. £200 Weber from 1600cc Xflow engine £50 Cycle Wings (pair) £30 Robin Hood exhaust silencer £25 Robin Hood Fuel tank holder / bracket £10 Gauges - offers Gaz 12" open coilovers adjustable. Pair. £80 Headlight housing, light units may need replaced. £10 NEW 5m U shape trim. £3 NEW 12v Motorbike indicators LED which "flow" when flash £5 NEW 2x Borbet F alloys, 4x108 ford fitment ET35. 15x6j ideal for spare or track days. £40 Pedal box and master cylinders, as per photos. May need cylinders freeing off etc. £40 Radiator, used with xflow engine. £10 Robin hood bonnet, hole from v8, some marks. £20 Robin hood nose cone incl grill and indicators £40 Robin hood windscreen and surround £30 Robin Hood roll over bar £20 Sierra front anti roll bar including NEW bushes and the U clamps £30 Sierra front hubs (bare hub) £30 the pair or £20 a side. Pair sierra front calipers non abs vented disc type for rebuild or exch units. £10 Ford Sierra steering col including ign barrel and key £20 (no steering wheel or boss) Mountney steering wheel and boss £25 Pair upper wish bones poly bushes, new balljoints, sierra hub adaptor £40 Xflow engine mounts £10 Xflow engine manifold, not sure what from but see photos. small crack to weld up. £20 xflow starter motor £5 xflow alternator £10 Not photod yet New and painted red nsf sierra caliper for vented disc non abs. 30 quid. New and painted red osf sierra caliper for vented disc. Abs type...looks same but piston clip size different? 30 quid. New pair vented discs and pads. Fitted but never seen road. 20 quid. Sierra bottom arms. Have shocker brkt welded on but can cut off. 10 per side? All open to offers. Collection preferred. Will post at buyers cost. More to follow.
  10. Jordie

    Exmo Front Struts?

    Right that didnt work, focus coilover are too long, they only sit about 1inch into the clamp top part of the sierra hub, there previous shock sat quite afew more inches in. Ive decided to cut the exmo top strut area away and fit adjustable wishbones. One side is done, it involved cutting through the side panel and fabricating some steel box section in to hold the wishbone mounts. I need to fabricate more brackets and metal work to do the other side. Progress but slow and more than expected.
  11. Jordie

    Exmo Front Struts?

    Im currently modifying the front top mount area, to take a ford focus 1998-2004 (Not RS) top strut mount. This will also strengthen the area. I am fitting ford focus mk1 coilovers, eventually may have to look at changing the spring lb and length, but for now im just wanting to get it all lined up, welded up and the car rolling. 4mm thick steel drilled to suit top strut mount.
  12. Jordie

    Exmo Front Struts?

    Too busy to help. Currently modifying car to take coilovers and proper top mounts
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