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  1. BoostLee


    Thanks for your replies. Sounds promising then with maybe the need for one or two adjustments.
  2. BoostLee


    Thanks for your reply. Yeah that's the problem I'm having. I have seen some for sale for other 7s and as much as I would guess that they would fit it is just that a guess. I was hoping someone could confirm what fits and what doesn't.
  3. BoostLee


    Hi, With winter almost upon us it's time I found a roof for my 3a. Any around? Does anybody know if ones for a 2b would fit? Many thanks Lee
  4. BoostLee

    2B Soft Top

    Hi, anyone know if this would fit a 3A??
  5. It was a lovely evening and great to meet you. Will keep an eye out for the next one :-)
  6. Bit late for whole family as boys go down at 8pm. I will still try to come though Also be keeping a close eye on the weather as I have no wet weather gear yet and there are thunder storms forecast :-S
  7. Hi everyone. Great Bedwyn is not far from me I would love to come. What time are you aiming for? Only as I have two young kids (2 & 4) so they need to eat at and get them back for bed. If it's in the evening.
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