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  1. well im back on the car after a long while ,also you cannot do anything with the lock down , i now have a ford zetec motor with a mazda rx8 gear box , still having a few problems but getting there slowly
  2. yes i have a locking filler the same as that with a shut off valve built in unfortunately it smaller than the hole
  3. any body using one i have a ford ztec with a Mazda RX8 gear box and do not know how else i can work a speedo
  4. Thanks for that Florin that helps me a lot , i do like the cap on top , looks like im missing the flange that goes inside the tub that mates up to the locking cap
  5. i have not thought about wrapping , also another reason is the rear tub has a hole cut in the steel for the filler cap , i have a cap that came with the car but it looks like a motorcycle one and i can not see how it could work without something to lock onto some sort of flange . i do have a proper locking cap that also came with the car that has a shut off valve built into the unit but it is smaller than the hole !!, its a pity they did not leave it without the hole . not knowing much about wrapping can you get it in high gloss finish ?
  6. Has anybody Painted their bodywork ,i only ask as mine is not in the best condition due to being left out in the rain before i got it , i found that the plastic cover had bonded itself to the metal in parts and had also rusted and pitted the metal. i have had a go at re polishing it but it will never look as good as it did . so now im thinking of spraying the panels before fitting ,i have a small spray booth that i use for painting bike parts so i can fit the panels in the booth and paint them with 2k paint .
  7. thanks i will do that , also did you cut off the old suspension mounts on the back as they serve no purpose and i think they would look better gone
  8. thanks Andy i will leave it alone as you say its ok
  9. looking under the car i noticed this very big bracket made to hold the hand brake cable , is this right as i was going to cut it back as it looks like it would be a IVA fail
  10. i have two sets of engine mounts , not sure what they fit but we will find out soon , im going with a ford zetec 1800 cc engine with a mazda RX8 Gearbox using an adaptor ring only because the car was originality set up for the zetec engine ,and pintos and type 9 gear boxes are getting expensive .and i get 142 BHP instead of 109
  11. after watching the you tube video about the Super spec i did notice that my front frame is not the same ,and i also noticed that i have the lower mounts on mine and the one in the video did not
  12. my rear frame looks the same as your picture, but you are right about the front as im missing the top engine mount
  13. i have removed the 1100 escort engine and am stripping every thing out and starting from scratch . i dont like the nasty black paint on the frame that is like a thin under seal so its all coming off and the frame will be polished Also the farmer called me as he found lots of bits so i now have all the stainless parts i need including these bits ,ca any body tell me whatthey are
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