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  1. Hi, does anyone have any 9” steel wiper blades for sale and wiper arms please. the splines have gone on the arms of the ones on my 2b, and the rubbers of the wipers are worn. I think they are roughly 13.5 diameter splines. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Chris.
  2. Bov

    2B Boot/torneau Cover

    Hi, does any one have a 2b Boot/torneau cover available for sale please. Would be interested in both GRP and fabric varieties. Regards, Chris.
  3. Hi Dave, Thank you. Are you able to send me a photo please? Regards, Chris.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a 7 Grill For A 2B Nose Cone for sale please? Regards, Chris.
  5. Bov

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Will send now.
  6. Bov

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Will send pics tonight. I have the old rear calipers that would need servicing.
  7. Bov

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Hi, yes. In fact I have a better pair for sale now. Fully reconditioned pair painted in red, we're put on car but never used.I also have a good pair of the matching discs. Do you have an email address, I'll send photos. I will look into prices and will be back shortly.
  8. Hi all, have just been given some hubs from a local friend. Thanks anyway!
  9. Martin, Would you like to purchase together if this is OK with everyone? I just want the hubs really, and will need to move the rest on anyway. Regards, Chris.
  10. Sorry just picked up, Will check on the weekend.
  11. Can you send me a photo of the set please? And how much would you like? I may Be able to sell the rest. Cheers.
  12. Bov

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Hi really sorry, but it is sold subject to collection. Thank you for your interest.
  13. Hello again thanks for that, but I have new discs and calipers. Are you able to send a photo of the hubs, and let me know how much you would want for them please? Would they post? Regards, Chris.