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  1. I've had rough costings for making the sierra rear arms adjustable via rosejointing for camber and toe I think it was if of interest to anyone.
  2. Have just requested to join, would love to get to a meet some time.
  3. Just a heads up, zetec turbos Have been known to eat oil pumps, a lot gondry sump. I had an oil pump failure on my old one, was in a mk3 escort, all forged. Black top is where its at for these, any parts etc needed get onto my mate @ ignitionadvantages.co.uk he has one in a mk2 fiesta running 800bhp, knows them inside out and stockist of most parts
  4. Bamo

    Camber Wedges

    How much of a difference do these make?
  5. No evening meets for Essex? Id like to meet some feelow enthusiast and learn a little more about these
  6. In my head I know I should sell and put the money into a better chassis but Im here now and with the right work in the right place this can be good no doubt
  7. I tried my cycling gloves as do a lot of road biking, had to squeeze the wheel tight as only had proper grip on my 2 gear changing fingers . Decathalon os good value for money though
  8. That would be really good if you can. Im wanting to see the Robin Hood rear end stripped down so I can get a clearer idea of the chassis/fab work involved to ale this work. Thank you
  9. As per title, can anyone recommend any please? Was out late last night and got nippy and had so E gloves but need grip on the inside aswell as windproof as plan on using all year round with no roof. Thanks in advance
  10. Need to get it on a ramp sometime as cant see a lot sadly
  11. [url=http://s78.photobucket.com/user/h160rs/media/
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