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  1. Hi everyone, I am hoping to fit dolomite dials to my Rh any thing I need to look out for any tips on fitting any advice is much appreciated Thanks Derzo
  2. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the best size of jets for 2.0 pinto with twin webers for normal on the road driving, I heard of different sizes for them. Thanks Derzo
  3. Okie dokie, I'll give them a try guys and see if I find anything
  4. Hi everyone fitted a vacuumless dizzy and still got a bit of a mis-fire mid range, running twin forty webers timing set at 8 tdc any ideas anyone. Derzo
  5. Cheers fella some good ideas there
  6. Can anyone tell me if I can fit single dials rather than a set of clocks, my rh is Sierra running gear and I wondered if I could fit dials that would work with existing speedo cable Thanks Derzo
  7. It looks better as well if it's covered. Derzo
  8. OK fella I'm gonna get something made up, after seeing your picture gives me an idea of what I need. Thanks Derzo
  9. Okie dokie fella thank you for replying I've just bought a rh and don't know much about them any info I can get is much appreciated Derzo
  10. Hi everyone I have a 20 pinto rh mk3 can anyone tell me if there should be a cover that goes over the pedals in the engine bay I can see screw holes but previous owner said it didn't have one, any advice on where I could get one and is there anywhere in Scotland that does spares for robin hoods Thanks Derzo
  11. Derzo

    2.0 Pinto Mis Fire

    Okie dokie guys I'll have ago at a dizzy and adjust timings Thanks
  12. Derzo

    2.0 Pinto Mis Fire

    Thanks for replying to me
  13. Derzo

    2.0 Pinto Mis Fire

    Hi fella as far as I know its a standard cam and ignition I don't have anything to tell me anything about the car I'll need to try find out stuff about the car
  14. Derzo

    2.0 Pinto Mis Fire

    Hi everyone, just bought a rh with a 2.0 pinto with twin 40,s bought as a non runner. It's had a full service, timing belt, cap, arm and leads. When I drive it it drives OK till about 2500-3000 then misfires a bit then clears. The vacuum advance is disconnected and timing is set to 14 BTDC anyone have any ideas for this newby.
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