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  1. Managed to start the engine this evening thanks to Richard at GBS i dont have a fuel regulator fitted Well done to GBS Many thanks
  2. Right been too busy at work over the last 3 weeks i would like to get the engine started Just had another go starting still no joy can only get 3 and 4 on the exhaust to get warm using easy start does that mean i am not getting fuel to 3 and 4? I have checked the fuel rail plenty of fuel there
  3. Ok tryed easy start it doesnt start but all 4 exhaust got hot i have green Bosch injectors do i need to install them in any order
  4. Longboarder what do you mean i have the emerald zerect start Map but GBS have given me there GBS Map so that what i am using at the moment
  5. Ok i will get some tomorrow mate
  6. Ok so pin 25 in yellow but pin 5 is brown i have three cables closest to engine is white them black then yellow
  7. Ingition drives is that the wire that go to the coil pack
  8. The map i am now using is from GBS and that is set to wasted spark
  9. Dont you think its slow on turn over
  10. Ok will need to get some easy start
  11. Watch "Engine start" on YouTube https://youtu.be/p0kgfn62DjI
  12. So all HT leads look good TPS all wiring ok new plugs are in but still exhaust 1 and 2 are only getting hot
  13. I jave just finished work i will give it ago will keep you all posted thanks for the advice
  14. So i am getting a pop from the exhaust is this right
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