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  1. Hello is the brake master cylinder still available please?
  2. Paddy, a very nice looking car and because of what ive spent on mine for a safer rebuild, that is most definately a bargain. I wish i had seen yours earlier, good luck with the sale although circumstaces stink eh?
  3. Hello Richy dont suppose you have the struts to go with those springs as thats what im looking for right now for the front of my Sub K as mine have given up and not looking to do the double wishbone mod until new year??
  4. I have the complete tank that i have taken out of my 2B i can take a picture for you if requried??
  5. Hello all would love to catch up but as currently on chemo hoping i may be free of it by the time it happens. As i live in Pembridge, quite close to the Elan Valley then im hoping i will be able to xatch up with you all. I'll keep watching the thread for any updates.
  6. Mr Toad, many thanks for the info would seem the consensus is to stay with the cable. I will be swapping out the old servo and mounting a new pedal box so im grateful for all the help and advice.
  7. Hello all I'm John and a new member here and finding my way through this website whilst searching for years of expertise and advise?? I intend to convert my Sierra pedal system to hydraulic clutch, remove standard brake servo but keep hydraulic brakes. What i need to know has anyone done this job already, and yes i know the answer is yes, so could anyone guide me to the information! I have now been on here for some time and it must come down to my search criteria but dont know how else to word it?? Any help and advice greatly received.
  8. As a new member here on this community forum I would love to catch up with some of you at the West Midlands meet. It will unfortunately have to be without my RH2B As It needs a bit of work. Just wandering is a ride out really the best way to catch up and gossip and learn or do you just have get togethers? Thanks on advance, John
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