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  1. Phillip Allonby

    Fuel tank.

    Thank you
  2. Phillip Allonby

    Fuel tank.

    Hi I am really interested in it. How do I pm you my number? Many thanks
  3. Phillip Allonby

    Fuel tank.

    Hi all. My 10 yr old stainless fuel tank is leaking in my 2b. Does anyone know if a plastic replacement is available please?
  4. Phillip Allonby

    Help Please Pinto Misfire At 4000Rpm

    Thanks for the swift reply. I was told it had a cam but not sure on how to tell. It does have a Vernier pulley. What would I need to convert to aftermarket ECU setup? Could I use my injection system or is that pointless?
  5. Phillip Allonby

    Help Please Pinto Misfire At 4000Rpm

    Sorry to drag up an old post bit I was wondering what advantages the pinto has running after market ECU? My 2b is an injection model running standard everything. Would I see a marked improvement with carbs and after market ECU or not? Thanks in advance.