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  1. Alexwalton93

    Dashboard cutting

    looks ace! Nice one.
  2. Alexwalton93

    Should I we and dry etch primer?

    Haha no worries mate just some clarity is what was needed. I'm the same, always rush rush. If it goes bad then I may get some quotes haha.
  3. Alexwalton93

    Should I we and dry etch primer?

    Thank you so very much! I will follow this and let you know how I get on. Really do appreciate the guideance. Even if it does crack it's a learning experience for me.
  4. Hello guys I'm struggling to find info on what's best to do when painting my bonnet. Last night I have done about 5 coats of 1k etch primer (p961). Should I wet and dry sand this before my top coat? Or should I wet and dry the etch primer then use a standard top coat primer on that before applying the actual top coat? Heard stories of people applying top coat on the etch primer and ends up flaking off. I can't find any info on weather I can apply top coat on the etch primer Any help would be great. Thought I would post on here before going to paint shop and asking them. Thanks, Alex.
  5. Alexwalton93

    Dashboard cutting

    Brilliant mock up mate can't wait to see it hydro dipped. Have you been given a quote on how much?
  6. Alexwalton93

    Respraying stainless steel bonnet?

    I thought about wrapping as when I first got a car I wrapped the dash etc. But I reckon id struggle wrapping the bonnet with it having all the vents. I've not looked at powder coating, but it's a fab idea! Is the paint quite flexible if that makes sense? As i wouldn't want it cracking/flaking as the Bonnet is only thin stainless
  7. Alexwalton93

    Respraying stainless steel bonnet?

    Cheers mate I'll consider this
  8. Hey guys got myself a robin 2b with a 2.3 turbo saab in. Bodywork needs a lot of tidying and after resprsying the whole lot. I'd like to spray the bonnet but unsure on primers etc. I may just get it done at shop unless it's relatively simple job as I have a small spray booth at work. Anyone got experience doing this?