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  1. Alexwalton93

    Dashboard cutting

    Brilliant mock up mate can't wait to see it hydro dipped. Have you been given a quote on how much?
  2. Alexwalton93

    Respraying stainless steel bonnet?

    I thought about wrapping as when I first got a car I wrapped the dash etc. But I reckon id struggle wrapping the bonnet with it having all the vents. I've not looked at powder coating, but it's a fab idea! Is the paint quite flexible if that makes sense? As i wouldn't want it cracking/flaking as the Bonnet is only thin stainless
  3. Alexwalton93

    Respraying stainless steel bonnet?

    Cheers mate I'll consider this
  4. Hey guys got myself a robin 2b with a 2.3 turbo saab in. Bodywork needs a lot of tidying and after resprsying the whole lot. I'd like to spray the bonnet but unsure on primers etc. I may just get it done at shop unless it's relatively simple job as I have a small spray booth at work. Anyone got experience doing this?