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  1. Paul Hyde

    How much is she worth?

    Hi Just trying to value my car. It's an early S7 Powered by a Dollomite Sprint engine and gearbox
  2. Paul Hyde

    S7 Sprint

    The way I read it is. If it hasn't been substantunaty changed in 30 years it may qualify. Worth a try
  3. Paul Hyde

    S7 Sprint

    Thank you for that. I will have a poke around. I was hoping it was an 1989 as the rules for free road tax say if it hasn't been altered for 30 years you may qualify for it.
  4. Paul Hyde

    S7 Sprint

    Hi. I could do with a bit of information please. I have a S7 Sprint registerd as Robin Hood Sprint on the V5 and has the donor cars reg number. How can I find the year of manufacture of the kit? Thanks in advance Paul