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  1. Thanks Kevin. I’m looking forward to the summer .. got fingers crossed for lots of good weather as not got wet weather gear!
  2. Many thanks. Next job on the list.. i hope to make a few shows and meets this year too so may see some of you there. James
  3. Thanks theduck! How have you braced the brackets for the rose joints please? James
  4. Hello everyone! I am new to the club and the forum so please go easy on me! i have recently acquired an S7 which is in reasonable condition. Jobs I have done so far are: grease uj’s on prop, poly bushes to track control arms, Sort out front suspension geometry. Full service of twin 45 pinto and fitted new silencer to exhaust as old one was blowing. Car is driving very well now but I am really interested in the tie bar conversion as when I fitted the new bushes it was very obvious that the ARB is way too stiff for the car. I know this topic has been covered hundreds of times already and I am aware that mower man has plans for the conversion for sale. I can’t seem to send a PM to him so was wondering if anyone else had plans or maybe he will read this post. I am a qualified mechanical engineer but no longer work in this field. I will hopefully be able to contribute a little as I gain experience with the car. I am based in Kent also. Many thanks james
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