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  1. kgnoble

    My IVA fail

    Just to say, I now have a street legal Burton. The IVA test is done and buried along with the problems that led up to it. I can now give a definitive view of the Yeading Test Centre and their examiners, and would confirm that they have been supportive, friendly, approachable and that, providing the manual is used to ensure all point are covered, are very happy to pass the Burton and I am sure other kit cars. Very happy to comment if any one wants to know in more detail as to the Examiners approach. Thanks to everyone here's support and comments. Full story in the blog at www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp Keith
  2. kgnoble

    My IVA fail

    I took it to Yeading in Middlesex - off the M4. Big centre but only one full time tester! Good point about the retest - I am doing nothing other than dealing with the points raised.
  3. kgnoble

    My IVA fail

    Well it failed! Full story is in the blog, but the majority of stuff was very minor, a loose screw here, a missing grommet there. Most important was that he spotted a very small leak in the master cylinder - I will replace that very shortly. There was also an issue with the (MotaLita type) steering wheel which has too many holes and too much wood. Otherwise, side repeaters apparently necessary, and the rear foglamp/reversing light combo needing a shim to make it present the light horizontally on a sloping surface. What was obvious was that a neatly presented car immediately gets the examiner on your side. I suspect he erred on the generous when assessing seat heights, headrests, two speed wiper speeds, headlamps and quite a lot else. He was very happy to chat and was pleased to see that I obviously had worked through the IVA manual. So - another month to fix the items, a retest and I should be away. Thank to you all for your comments and support - it has been incredibly helpful and generous. Cheers Keith www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp
  4. Interesting discussion! However, in the end, I am inclined to the view that if I am proposing to drive a car with a windscreen, then perhaps it ought to be tested in that way. The IVA has proven to be a real pain for me as the original 2cv never had 2 speed wipers, immobilisers, rear fog lights that had to be turned on each time, headrests of sufficient height that Cobra couldn't supply, or any of the other constraints that now apply. Nor does it have a gearbox driven imperial measurement speedo, and the subsequent problems that has given me. All that together with the other snag that Burton is a Dutch company who do not have similar requirements for their IVA equivalent, and therefore are a bit nonplussed when I keep coming up with problems for their body that creates all those limitations. Having said that, with amazing help from individuals in this club and other specialist clubs, I think I am now at a point where the car stands a good chance of passing, and giving me immense personal pleasure with what I hope will be its achievement. I have learnt an enormous amount and even if it doesn't pass first time, I will get there! Its a journey that has been a great trip over the last few years for an old fart like me who should have been pensioned off a long time ago.... Thanks for all your comments, guys Keith
  5. thanks for the suggestion - never knew there were so many variants of wiper motor K
  6. Hi! I am having similar problems with wipers. The motor in the picture looks like a single speed Bosch; if it is the same as mine then the serial number is 0 390 216 054. Mine looks like the picture, it is circa 1980 from a Citroen 2cv. Having looked into adapting it to a two speed wiper by inserting a resistor into the field coil - I can't because there isn't one, only a fixed magnet. On my car I have a particular setup tailored to the underside of the windscreen, and which will only take the said Bosch due to its size and form factor. So I am just thinking about removing the windscreen altogether. However, I can find no mention of not having a windscreen in the IVA manual. Has anyone recently been able to pass their IVA without a screen? Alternatively, do any specialists exist who can make a suitable motor up for me - and if so are there any contact details available? Any help would be appreciated as otherwise a lot of work and money is about to go down the drain! Cheers Keith Bluild blog at www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp
  7. Nelmo - Good point about the windscreen. However, if it all has to come off it may look as though I was avoiding bits of the test leaving substantial holes in obvious positions. I think I am going to bite the bullet - take everything out and put it back in again - (and tidy and label (! )the electrics....) Keith
  8. Thank you - the time scale has been longer than I expected ..... and maybe longer if the IVA produces more delays But I am looking forward to using it eventually - hoping for a late summer! Keith
  9. Your experiences and mine seem remarkably similar! I like your writing style and the finished product looks excellent. Understanding wives are very useful as well - even got Jane on the end of a spanner once I have deferred the IVA to July 18 as I have read the IVA manual again to see I need a two speed wiper motor. Have sourced a new motor but it will need all of the behind dash wiring to come out with the instruments to get to the wiper mechanism. It will give a chance to improve the wiring, but I was glad to see that yours looks like mine! Will let you know the outcome - thank you for reading my blog. And enjoy your car in this weather Keith
  10. kgnoble

    IVA requirements

    Thanks Dan I hope I can find your confidence when I need it!! Now going to IVA July 18th as I have to dismantle quite a bit to get to the wiper motor and replace it with a two speed box. Burton are in Holland and they are telling me that their IVA equivalent is nothing like as tough as ours - specifically headrests, repeaters, steering wheel, two speed wipers... the list goes on. That is presumably why there are so few around in the UK - all having snuck in under the original Radically Altered Vehicle regs. Will keep you all posted when I have the results Best Keith
  11. Congratulations to anyone who reads the entire blog! It was written mainly as an aide memoire for me and to provide details if required for registration. The Burton is a Dutch body fitting onto 2cv chassis and running gear. Keith www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp
  12. kgnoble

    IVA requirements

    in reply to Brumster Thank you - very helpful indeed. answering your points:- Rear view mirror is temporary while I cover the fixed mirror with soft material Centre boss of steering wheel is squidgy - bolts are semi - countersunk. Will look at those again Ignition fee and other knobs are within the exclusin zone on either side of the steering wheel - have I missed the meaning of the RS there? Demister vents are on plate under windscreen and point upwards (and seem to work) Good point .... have started new thread here Keith
  13. www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp - blog https://youtu.be/Wn_NLlbSsCw - video clip https://photos.app.goo.gl/cvkqZ3I6PzMfTVsH3 - build photos
  14. OK - thank you. I need to source a two speed motor and fit it.....not looking forward to ripping out all the wiring behind the dash. Still - that is very helpful. Did you detect any leeway on any items - for example, height of headrests/exhaust standing proud of the rear / need for repeaters ie angles carefully checked? Mind you, worse than anything else, the test is at 7:00am! Thanks again Keith
  15. Well done - but it leads me to a question - for you or anyone else on this forum I have a Burton 2cv going for IVA on 6th June. Reading the latest IVA manual, it would seem I need a 2 speed wiper motor - the Burton kit only supplies a single speed with kit specifically designed to fit behind the bulkhead. In your opinion how tolerant was your tester for specifics in the manual (such as this) if you did not meet the Required Standard? Assuming that he does not find other problems when testing? Many thanks Keith www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp
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