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  1. The hinges on my doors have broken and I need new ones. Where can I get them from. Anyone help
  2. I have now had the carb off. Fully cleaned and rebuilt. Timing set up with a strobe. Goes Great now. Lots of muck in the carbs new filters and what a difference. The engine note from 4000rpm now sings sweetly
  3. The engine is a 1991 so don’t think the unleaded issue should be there. As suggested first port of call carb strip down new filters and strobe and compression test. To be honest I have a comprehensive build folder the engine has been stripped so don’t think that is the issue. But hoping an easy fix
  4. The car starts first turn of the key. Tick over seems a little high. One thing that was said to me is. That it won’t run properly on unleaded. Only on super unleaded ? It has no power beyond about 50/60 it can go up higher but slowly. Revs our at about 2500 then slowly creeps up. Gonna strip carb down this week and check all fuel line filters. Hopefully that will help.
  5. Yes it revs but dosnt seem to under load. And yes definitely the aluminium bodied. Also lightweight on the v5
  6. Thank you. We will start with carburettor. What sort is speeds will yours do. I’m not interested in fireworks. Just fun. So as a gauge o-60 or will it accelerate well from mid range to top. Also top speed. Just an idea of what to expect really
  7. I have just purchased a Robin Hood lightweight a very nice car but with a few issues. Firstly. The gearbox whines in 1/2/3/5 do know we need to buy another or purchase a reconditioned one. Secondly the clutch is very harsh. Either the cable needs altering or anyone with suggestions. Lastly the car is very under powered. It has been built using a ford Sierra pinto 1600 sohc engine. Won’t accelerate over 2500 rpm. When it does it’s very slow. Top speed is horrendous. Barely gets over 60mph. Not good uphill I would have though power to weight ratio it should fly. At a loss. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate advise
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