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  1. Hi all, I’ve bit the bullet and ordered the kit from kitspares....they say say it comes with a dvd with some photos on. Hopefully this will be enough to work out where to mount the brackets etc. Does anyone know what I should set the KPI angle too. I guess tracking should just be 1-2 degrees toe in? regards, Phill
  2. Hi, it looks quite a bit like the 2b sliding pillar conversion kit I’m looking at fitting. https://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1101 if so kit spares would be your best bet
  3. Hi, if your looking for something with smaller hoses my 04 Mercedes Sprinter had a aux heater that had a separate pump in-line into the heater hoses. Should be plenty of them in breakers yards by now and I would think it would give enough circulation to cool a non running engine.
  4. Hi, Does any one have any experience of the 2b sliding pillar to wishbone conversion available from kitspares? Or can recommend a welder to attach the brackets in the North West (I’m Wigan based). Does the kit come with drawings? - how easy was it etc. I recently picked up my 2b as I dip my toe into the exciting world of kit cars. But the state of the local roads has resulted in the inside of the wheels being gouged by the bottom of the suspension. Didn’t spot it when looking at the car - but then I haven’t checked the back wheels to see if they were swapped prior to sale I’ve just picked up a spare Pinto with ported head. FR32 cam and GPZ600 carbs and manifold, but I’d better sort this first!
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