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  1. Hi Dean,

    Just a reminder that I cancelled my membership a month or so ago due to not having a kit car any longer, but will rejoin if that changes.


    Graham Elson

    1. Andi


      Hi Graham,

      Richy is now dealing with memberships. Which he will have probably read by now lol

      Ill pm him now



    2. richyb66


      Hi Graham, Thanks for letting us now, I will ensure that the database is updated accordingly.


  2. Big G

    Road tax

    The DVLA have got you all ways. I taxed mine yesterday and it was for six months, but in effect It's not because it runs from the start of the month. Six months should be six months not less three weeks in their favour. As Dave said the cost per mile for enthusiasts like us is too high.
  3. Big G

    Road tax

    Thanks for that, they have got it wrong on my renewal....typical DVLA G
  4. Big G

    Road tax

    Hi all, Could someone tell me what the Robin Hood standard 2ltr Pinto road tax is this year. Seems they have hiked the fee since last year quite a lot, the only good news is the six month MOT extension. Thanks....G
  5. Did you ask him if he tuned his scooter and how much BHP it was churning out?
  6. Big G


    Hi Kevin Many thanks for that and with that explanation I now realise that the end is missing. I thought that the last person just got a piece of coiled wire and was nothing to do with the original, now I know different...thanks again I will now make up a new end. regards Graham
  7. Big G


    Hi richyb66 This helps a lot I am sure with this info I will be able to work it out. I did look up quite a few threads on this topic but I definitely missed this one. Thanks a lot...G
  8. Big G


    Hi all, I have read all I could find on oil levels on this forum and understand that the depth of the sump can be shallow or deep but the level of oil is the same with regard to high and low levels. The engine in my RH which I recently bought is the two Ltr Sierra OHC (1986) but the dipstick has no markings whatsoever in fact it is just a strange coiled wire so I need to know the high and low measurements so I can substitute it with another stick and the chance of finding a sierra dipstick is remote so can anybody when they next check their oil let me know the distance from the dipstick s
  9. Big G


    Hi there webmaster, I read in one of your post replies that you had some wet weather gear for sale and wondered if it would fit a new series 3 which I am totally renovating The model was produced in 1999 but not constructed until 2007 if that makes any sense. If not do you have any idea where one might find some gear for this type? Also I am trying to get some sort of attachment to fit the spare on the back but there does not seem to be much of an attachment fixings at the rear and despite looking at numerous photos I can't seem to see how it is fixed. Thanks for that G PS Li
  10. Big G

    Engine rebuild

    Well I am certainly getting some varied advise on this one It's giving me a lot to think about in fact a lot more than I bargained for. The bottom line is that I want a reliable engine and the two litres it has as standard will be quite enough as I think my bombing around the countryside like a maniac are probably behind me. Too many cameras about these days!! My aim is to have a cosmetically good looking car with reasonable performance without (hopefully) spending a vast amount of money so thanks for some costing snapperpaul. I don't mind taking the engine out but I would rather pay
  11. Big G

    Engine rebuild

    Thanks a lot richyb/the duck for the info I will certainly follow up on your recommendations. I can see now that I will be bankrupt for the net few years but fun while doing it. As long as it will be at least on the road for next summer I will be happy.
  12. Big G

    Engine rebuild

    Hi all, Does anybody know of a company that could rebuild my Pinto 2ltr engine. The engine is in running condition and sounds quite good with no strange knocking sounds but due to it's age could definitely need a total update including the head to run on unleaded. I live in Shropshire near Shrewsbury but don't mind taking it anywhere to get it done as long as somebody could recommend that the company is OK as I have some horror stories about some so called engineering set ups. This is just the start of my renovation of the S111 I have just bought so am looking for "local knowledge"
  13. Hi all, Just got into a hotel in London and found your replies, many thanks for some interesting facts especially the lift off at speed!! Luckily the car already has passed the IVA so by next year I can head out with it on your meets. The work over the winter is going to be cosmetic and engine. I will need to find an engine specialist that can do a good job on a Sierra 2ltr. Nice pics of the white one. Regards all Graham
  14. Hi all, Just joined the club as I have acquired a Robin Hood as a project over the winter months so will have to seek advice probably many issues. I will have to go to a few meetings to talk to owners to get an idea of what can be achieved so looking forward to that. One thing I do like which seems not to be the norm is that I like the long extended type of front wings. If anybody knows of any for sale I would be interested although I have seen a pair on eBay for a Westfield, would anybody know if they might be adaptable for the Robin Hood. Thanks Graham
  15. Big G

    Robin Hood 2B

    Hi Paddy 1970 Just seen your ad and am very impressed with the car you are advertising. I live about a three hour drive from you so could you tell me when it is available for viewing if it has not been sold. I am able to come over virtually any time. Regards Graham
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