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  1. So if that’s the case, I assume having read up, that I can simply take my 12v fan supply and loop it through the thermostat switch and presto it heats up and allows the 12v to flow to the fan. Is that correct?
  2. So attached is what I believe is the standard fan switch that should trigger when the temperature reaches its set +-90deg. Should I use this or go aftermarket like other builders have.
  3. Thanks Alan. I would love to use your data cable and see what’s happening.
  4. Thank you Alan and all those that have helped me on my journey. I have gone through quite a bit of your work Alan. But in case I missed something can you email me at debtv@icloud.com thank you do you know of any members in the Banbury region? i would love to see a completed RH in the flesh
  5. So a noisy release bearing when clutch pedal is out. Is my part from a rover t16 or mt75 ford?
  6. Rimmerbros sorted me out for my throttle body mount. found a silencer from local spares supplier. got my cycle wings on. moving forward, thanks for the help
  7. Thanks for your responses, I guess I’m on the lookout for a small (1 liter) bottle
  8. The end is near, well as I was hoping so then the next little conundrum appeared. Where to put the windscreen washer bottle. I have no space in the engine bay. Please help.
  9. Hi guys. Is it possible to get a temporary license or registration in order to do road testing on my Robin Hood?
  10. Morning Robin Hood Owners. I have another question about my build. Do I need to install 2 rear fog lights or can I have one on the right and have one reverse light on the left. This is with the aim to get the car on the road. Thanks
  11. Ok so my next issue is on the throttle body rubber mount which is broken and stalls the car. eBay is not coming up with the item, maybe it’s called another name. Any ideas or 2nd hand ones around?
  12. Did you leave your windscreen off when getting the car registered for the road?
  13. This is the bell end that I need for the other end.
  14. I have so many questions. I was just going through your Blogspot which is extremely informative. I have included a picture showing the front tyre with steel brackets attached to the upper suspension arm but no brackets to attach the fender.
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