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  1. CMA

    Website feedback thread

    It's a responsive site so dynamically places controls based on the width of the browsing window. Easy to replicate yourself by just changing the size of your browsing window and you can see it moves to overlap controls, keep going and it pops into the mobile view
  2. CMA

    Small Number Plates.

    If some scrote nicks it at least it will ping up on ANPR if the number plate is the legal size and font....
  3. CMA

    Personal Details Leak - Members Information

    I seriously hope that's meant as a joke? Accidents happen, it's how they are dealt with that matters and one thing the GPDR is about how future accidents are stopped from happening from lessons learnt and bring in new checks and procedures to back these up. I eagerly await the committees response and future plans/procedures/checks on how a breach of my personal data can be avoided in future.
  4. CMA

    Personal Details Leak - Members Information

    Oh dear, that is seriously not good. Looks like this needs reporting too now with the new GDPR laws. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/personal-data-breaches/
  5. CMA

    Blyton Park (Track Day) 8/7/18

    To answer your question Nick, no you don't get your money back. But Blyton was quite lax on testing when i last went and just a quick check where the on track test was and lift would enable a lot to avoid any issues.
  6. CMA

    Stoneleigh ... After The Event

    Isn't the future HS2? Or has that changed?
  7. CMA

    Yoko Ado8R Tyres

    You could look at the list of fastest laps around the ring, any Live axles in there? But I guess we're comparing Production car setup which has millions spent on it to kit cars where little is spent on it and built with rather larger tolerances. Back to how deep are your pockets are I guess.
  8. CMA

    Yoko Ado8R Tyres

    I'd guess live axles are fine if putting the torque down on a flat straight surface like a drag strip or a track, but not may roads in the UK are like that so IRS is a better all rounder for bumpy undulating UK roads. All depends on your prime intended use and how deep the pockets are I guess.
  9. CMA

    Forum Admin

    Forum Admin Since the AGM yesterday Stuart (theDuck) was appointed Chairman and has taken over the role of Admin and Webmaster for the forum and it's associated parts. Myself (CMA), Rob (RoborRoss) and Simon (Onslow) as such are no longer admins for this forum, please direct any enquiries of an forum admin nature direct to Stuart (theDuck) It's been a fun and frustrating journey, hope the clubs future brings more fun. Rob (cma) PS As I no longer have permission could a Moderator move this to the club information forum so members know where to direct their future enquiries
  10. CMA

    This Weekend

    Its not a proper Stonleigh weekend if you're not chipping ice of the inside of the tent in a morning....
  11. CMA

    Eosb Discussions

    Well said. Makes me wonder if turning the forum off until after the AGM would save the current committee killing off the club with their bickering and fighting posts and force them to pick up the phone and talk for a change.......
  12. CMA

    Eosb Discussions

    The old Stafford Kit Car Show was at the end of September, plenty camped out for that. And that was when most had tents, now more have Caravans its less of a concern.
  13. CMA

    Gbs Zero Sold

    Nice one mate, lovely car the Fiesta ST, nice and quick and comfy too. I'm sure you'll have a hoot in that too
  14. CMA

    Track Day Gift

    SIlverstone, if its an option, gives plenty of room to stretch the legs, but I found you might be doing 140+ but it didn't feel very fast as the edges of the track are so far away there's nothing to give you the perception of speed.