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  1. Hi guys and gals.....


    I am about to buy an RS2000 sump and pickup pipe. I an currently running a type 9 - 4 speed rocket box... It is just me or did I read somewhere that the RS2000 sump have some sort of plate on it that gets in the way of the clutch cable or something? Am I making that up? If I am right.... Can I just angle grind the plate off or is there a way around this? 



  2. Hi guys and gals,


    I wanted to see who is active in the Hants & Dorset area. Can you please reply bellow or PM me if you are active and looking for local run outs or monthly meetings with fellow owners? 

    I am putting together a mailing list, you don't have to join this but it will allow me to contact you directly without the need for logging on to the forum to check for meets. All meets will still be posted and updated here as the primary point of information for everyone. 

    I am hoping we can get a few cars out for a cruise before the end of September, so if your interested, let me know your location and dates your available.



  3. 27 minutes ago, nelmo said:

    +1 - this is exactly what happened to me - details in my blog


    I ckeced and double checked that. It ended up being that the sump had been shortened by the original owner to much, its about 35mm to shallow. Which when there's not much to play with already really made a difference. All sorted now with the help of an Accusump. Was cheaper than a RS sump + pickup!

  4. 2 minutes ago, CAF said:

    Sorry cannot make this weekend, but could be interested in future get togethers.

    No Problem at all. If you are happy for me to message you when I plan a m onthly run out please PM me your email address and I will build up a mailing list or local owners who are interested in run outs. Your address wont be used for anything other than  a monthly run out notification. 

  5. 9 hours ago, fry61 said:

    Wish you all the best for your first run Joe --- a good breakfast can be had at Compton Abbas Airfield ( if that's the same zig-zag we took in on a run a few years ago.)

    Yup that's the one, Compton Abbas is a great place for breakfast like you say. good roads, plenty of parking and great food. Ideal.

  6. 1 hour ago, nicko said:

    Yep. Bought it 2nd hand a few years ago, but never got round to fitting it. Will look at sending a photo before the weekend to see if it's what you're after.

    Can't remember the make but it's red. 


    Sounds promising. Thanks Nick.

  7. Hi Guys and Gals,

    2 Things..


    1. I am considering a Vernier for my pinto. 2.0l with twin 45s, FR32 cam. Im running 16 degree advance on ignition at the mo but I feel the engine should have a bit more umph. Maybe a small amount of adjustment on the cam via a vernier will help? Any recommendations on verier settings on a pinto with similar setup as me?


    2. Anyone got a decent Vernier fully for pinto 2.0l kicking about they no longer want and would like to part with for some cash? Im im being picky... In a nice red colour, haha.

  8. Agreed with above. Hazards have a direct live feed so if your fusebox fries or you have an electrical fault they should din most occasions still work. After all they need to work if your broken down at the side of the road. I would expect it is the relay (Ticker) or the fuse. You know the lamps are working as you have hazards working so that takes them out of the process.


    Keep us posted.

  9. Hi Guys and Gals,


    Just putting the feelers out there to see who in the Hants / Dorset area may be up for an early run out this coming Saturday. I know its last min but the weather now seems to be improving and we don't need more of an excuse than that to get out and about... Any interested parties please reply bellow or PM me. I am thinking we take in Zig Zag hill on route if peoples locations favour this. Wont be a huge run out but none the less it should be fun and get a few cars together for a cruise. 


  10. Be careful with a pull over cover, these can scratch the paint as per previous comment above. I suggest a cotton throw over the car first to protect it. 

    Also - Covers hold moisture and can aid rapid growth of rust when condensation forms. A temp structure is a better idea but short term a pull on will do the job...

  11. If you take your car to a nice friendly independent MOT centre they will probably pass it for you. They know that's kits aren't always perfect and so are generally a bit more lenient to things like emissions. I think officially you should have a CAT but that's 'officially'. A bit like mine with no side mirrors, official I should have them.... I don't. Never have. Yet passes each time.

    I had just fitted a new pairs of Weber 45s to my engine before my last MOT. The emissions were way over but he passed it and said check your timing and tune the carbs down a bit. 

    Of course this is not always the case but any MOT tester with a few years mechanical engineering behind them should understand the Cache 22.

    As for the sensor, not needed in most cases so I would be confident to say remove it. My mate runs a Zetec with out one and has no problems. Im guessing but might get a few less MPG without it fitted as ECU will be thinking its broken or faulty? Total guess that one.

  12. 2 hours ago, Snapperpaul said:


    I have read that and is where I got my measurements from to make sure the 'level' is correct. It was found to be the depth of the sump causing issues.

    I did consider the RS2000 sump but I read somewhere that it wont fit with my type 9 4 speed rocket box? The clutch cable or something cant be run where it needs to be on the RS sump due to the design?

  13. I have pair of Weber 40 DCOE 32 carbs for sale. Came off my pinto 2.0L when I decided to sweep out for 45s. They could dporbably do with an overhaul as I have run them for a good few years with no need to touch them. They were fine on my car when removed but yea, a overhaul is prob wise none the less. 

    I did replace the top cover on one of the carbs for a 151 cover as the lid cracked around the fuel union thread. All fitted and reflected and float level checked.

    I was looking for around £200. On the shelf, in a box, ready to go. Based in Ferndown, Dorset but can easily post by courier.





  14. 6 hours ago, fry61 said:

    Will be great if you can pick up where I left off as Hants & Dorset Secretary --- this run would be a great start --- we are now living in Cornwall so are a little far away to continue arranging meets & BBQ's etc.

    I would be more than happy to do so. Let me know if there were any regular or annual meets you used to do in this area or any other relevant stuff from when you were in the area and I will see what I can do.

  15. Hello guys and gals,

    I see most of the meets on here seem to be hours north of me who is stuck here on the south coast. I was wondering if any members were based near me, I am between Bournemouth and Southampton....

    Anyway, reason for posting is hoping to get a few fellow RH or kit owners together for a run around the New forest and maybe take in Zig Zag Hill in the process. I may even be tempted to drag the drone and cameras out and make a short little video of the outing if people are happy to do a few drive bye for the drone and so forth. 

    Let me know if your local and if you would be up for a run around. I can draw up a route on TomTom Drive once I know where people are based and go from there...

  16. Just now, brumster said:

    Bloody hell, you don't mess around do you :) !! Nice one, irrespective of the issue you had, they are great little bits of kit for what they do so it's a nice addition to have... glad the suggestion worked

    Nope, i'm an impatient bugger at the best of times. I will be sure to keep you updated with how I get on with it. I accidentally went for the larger 3qt Accusump rather than the small or medium that would have done the trick.... That was me being impatient and not really thinking it through... But hey ho, better to have the excess reserve there than go to small.... 

  17. A require of the ignition on a Sierra is pretty simple. I have recently done it on mine as my fuses were melting when using the headlights as the whole system was pretty much run on 2 fuses... Pre builder fail...

    Do you use the ignition barrel / key to start the car or do you have an ignition switch / push button setup? I have a push button and you could rewire the ignition system in about 30 mins from scratch if you needed to with one of them. So simple. Happy to run you through it if you need.

  18. Brumster... You sir are a legend. I haven't yet tested it so may be speaking to soon but so far the signs are good with the Accusump in place. 

    I fitted it yesterday and turned the car over on the starter to prime the oil up the system and get rid of any airlocks. I then fired the car up, 50psi now holding in the Accusump over night so no leaks (Bonus). 

    I am just waiting on a larger bore non return valve which will arrive tomorrow to actually take her out in anger and see what's what. I am tempted to go out today for a few miles but the current non return valve is smaller than recommended as it was the only one anyone local had available. So that will be limiting the flow very slightly as its 3/8 not 1/2 inch. 

    Anyway, I will stop blabbing and I will let you know as soon as I take her out and see if the issue is solved. 

    I may also post up a thread about fitting the Accusump as it may be useful for someone else in the future, you never know.

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  19. Just now, alanrichey said:

    Not likely. I used a T-piece to drive an oil gauge and a pressure switch.   You just have to make sure the connectors are correct size.  The Rover engine uses M10, not sure about the Pinto.  (Just search Amazon for 'oil pressure t'



    I have one of these already as I am running a mechanical gauge and a digital one. I can remove one, no problem but ideally would like the Accusump ported elsewhere. Never mind!

  20. Hi all,


    Fitting a Accusump tomorrow. I want to ideally plumb it in to its own oil port on the block. However The only one I can find is where the oil pressure sensor goes in? Is there another one lurking around anywhere that anyone knows of?


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