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  1. Hi Tony and martin The ring on the bottom turned out to be a locating bush, which seems to work well. With your help I made a rubber bush out of a anti-vibration rubber. It works a treat! Thanks for your help again. Regards Bob
  2. Thanks for your help guys I thought I might have to fabricate something as could find no part on the market to fit. I will get a better photo up for you to have a look at Tony from memory I think it is just a circular metal plate I am away from home until Friday but will put it up then Thanks again both. Bob
  3. Hi Tony, thanks for your reply. So there is meant to be a rubber ! As you say the picture is not that clear but there is nothing on the bottom. do you know if this rubber is available to buy or do I need to make one as I have searched the net with no luck at present?? regards Bob
  4. Hi all I have recently bought a 2b can anyone tell me if there is anything missing from the bottom of the suspension as I am guessing there should be a bush or spring there but not sure
  5. That was a great thread brumster, as you said bags of info. Thanks to all for the help I think I have got it now lol
  6. Thanks guys I will get that sorted p.s. sorry for delay had problems getting back on to the site
  7. Hi all, I have just purchased a robinhood 2b off a friend who built the car over ten years ago then lost interest and never put it on the road. I have the donor car logbook in my name and build pictures. I am at present sorting the car out but am struggling with which form etc to fill in. I have contacted DVLA on a couple of occasions only to be told different ways and forms to fill in. Has anyone out there done this recently ?? if so any help would be gratefully received Thanks Bob
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