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  1. The seller bought it 4 weeks ago, didn't even check it over fully. Hasn't got a clue about kit cars. Paid £2500. Now trying to offload it. I've spoke to the original seller in Norwich. Seller messed me about on Monday, rearranged for Tuesday but i had quite a few customers coming in my garage so was unable to close up to go and look at it. Told the seller he is in dreamland with his price, and he needs to come down. He's not willing to come down, and as stopped responding since i questioned him buying it and reselling it so quick, and using the original seller's pics and wording. I reckon i would still need to spend close on a grand to get it iva ready.
  2. This is the im going looking at this afternoon. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153622304617
  3. Seen this 1 and already got it in watch, not overly keen on how it looks, plus harlow is quite a distance from me. However i haven't totally ruled it out.
  4. Im going to look at this one later today. I have no intention of paying what he's asking. From the pictures it looks really tidy, but then until i see it in the flesh, i won't know for sure. I've been going through all the iva docs and the iva posts on here, so do plan on pointing out stuff that will need to be done/ rectified before iva test. It's also in a colour scheme i like, chrome with bright red panels, red dash, red and black seats. He's mentioned a couple of things, wipers and hazards need sorting. I've noticed there is no wing mirrors or side repeaters. I will be looking out for things like the tre cover, not covers, markings on the windscreen, markings on the seat belt bolts. If im the an hour looking over it, then im there an hour. I may still walk away if I'm not happy. Quick question, I've been recommended not to transport it back to my garage using an A frame as it can damage the transmission. Anyone able to clear this up. Am i going to have to disconnect the prop before towing?
  5. Not bothering, with it. Found another that's apparently 99% complete, just a couple of wiring issues. Im an auto electrician. Its not registered, but as all the paperwork from the donor sierra, do matching engine numbers etc. Wants 2400 for it.
  6. What if i can knock him down on the price? How hard is it to get through an iva Im in no rush to work on it, i own a garage, and it will be stored there and worked on in between customers cars. Willing to spend upto 2 grand to get it on the road.
  7. Just asked seller what its registered as, he said it's down as a Sierra, but reckons dvla might just change the log book as its such an old log book, yeah right of course that will. Guess i should not bother???
  8. hi, dont currently have a kit car, last one was an eagle rv around 15 to 20 years ago. ive come across a 1991 registered robin hood 2b for sale locally, no engine or box, and apparently no fibre glass panels. ive seen that the panels are readily available. i dont know what else is missing. according to the seller, its sierra based, and registered as a 1991. im guessing off the 2 poorly taken pics, that its a rolling chassis with some parts missing. can see steering wheel and master cylinder. so im hoping that im just needing to source engine,box and get the panels, windscreen, seats and maybe some basic parts, lights etc maybe. Would really appreciate some advice on what i should be paying for it. thanks
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