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  1. Matt

    Zetec turbo

    Hi guys Has anyone on here done a turbo conversion on a 1.8 zetec ? If so what was the cost and what parts where required
  2. Matt

    Best choice of engine

    I just wanted honest opinions on what i could achieve with a ponto. There are 2 mks on the market, one with pinto standard. The other with a 1.8 zetec on bike carbs, equal money. But the pinto car is a much nicer car. But this is why i ask. Do i get a cleaner car but standard engine, or a car that needs a tidy up but with the zetec. Dont want to make the wrong choice
  3. Matt

    Best choice of engine

    I dont want to throw £1000's at a pinto just to sruggle to get close to 200bhp. From what ive seen a decent ported head with cams cam be £1000 alone. Then carbs on top of that St170 with bike carbs and a me100 will be £1000 ish
  4. Matt

    Best choice of engine

    The chances of finding a mk with a duratec in is minimal
  5. Matt

    Best choice of engine

    Nelmo, If i were to buy a mk running a 1.8 zetec on bike carbs. Would it be possible to part that out for duratec or st170 engine ? Will it still fit onto the gearbox allready in the car ? Do you also think the ecu/electrics would still be the same ?
  6. Matt

    Cars for sale

    Cant find cars for sale ? How do you search for them ?
  7. Matt

    Cars for sale

    Pref mk with a 2.0 duratec
  8. Matt

    Cars for sale

    How do you search for cars for sale on this group ? Thanks
  9. Matt

    Best choice of engine

    Do i look for the likes of a zetec ? Wiil the engine fit on a type 9 box ?
  10. Hi guys, looking to buy an mk indy with a pinto 205 in. Is this engine capable of around 200bhp with mods ? Or should i be looking for a different vehicle and engine ? Thanks Matt
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