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  1. Hi all After years of waiting I've finally bought my 1st kit car, it's nothing flash as my budget wasn't massive and it needs done work over the winter but I'm happy with it. My first request for advice is about the engine, my car was built from a 1986 Sierra and has a 2.0 pinto with a Weber 30/34 DFTH carb. Ignition is via a dizzy and electronic module that replaces the points. It's also supposed to have a fast road cam, but I've not verified this yet and plan to take the rocker cover off shortly in the hope of finding some markings on the cam. When I bought the car it ran like a bag of nails, after some investigation this turned out to be down to the choke being permanently closed. With this fixed it's running much better, I've also worked out that the vac advance is faulty and the dizzy isn't perfect as I've got to set the static advance to about 16 degrees to get 36 at 3000 rpm, apart from a bit of firing back at starting it's running ok with this setup though, but does seem to be lacking a bit of power, for example it won't go much over 90 in 4th which seems low for the weight of the car and won't hit the rev limit easily in 3rd. I'm planning a rolling road session to get the engine tuned as my guess is the carb is as it came from the Sierra and with a high flow filter , short exhaust and possibly different cam the jetting will need changing. However before spending any more money I'd like to ask for a bit of advice about my engine. I've looked around for info on the DFTH carb and can't find much on it, other than people saying it's a pile of junk and change it for a DGAV 32/36 or twin 40 DCOE. If it turns out I do have a fast road cam on the engine should I change the carb to a 32/36 dgav or twin 40s before the rolling road session? I'm planning to replace dizzy this winter too do and the carb choice will affect what dizzy I buy as I'll go vaccumless for twin 40s Thanks for any help in advance
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