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  1. yeah a zetec engine might be a good option guess all just go with the carb for a while and see how it works out . Thanks again .
  2. wow sound promising when you say it like that . Thanks
  3. Most of the DOHC engines are originally EFI but there are few ones with a carb. I want it to be EFI cuz its more fuel efficient and gives more performance and starts easier at cold winter days . But do you think its better to keep it as carb ? . And thank you so much for the reply btw.
  4. I have just bought my first car and it is a 1990 Ford sierra with a DOHC 2.0 engine . The problem is this engine has carburetor instead of EFI . Is it possible to replace the carburetor with a EFI from an other sierra and if it is possible would that cause too much problem and too hard to replace ?
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