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  1. Thanks, this is great, looks like i was along the right lines but yes all those less obvious parts were the bit i was wondering about. Some great build blogs on here too are there any 'must reads'?
  2. Thanks that is really usefull. I like your blog too very honest especially the 'so you want to build a kit car' i fall into 3 of your - would not recommend categories if you.... but no rush to do in a set time.
  3. Thanks Brumster, assumed it may be something people dont want to share. What would be good is a list of parts required/common upgrades. GBS provide a list of parts from the donor. Additiona tol that I can see may be needed or normally upgraded: Heater Seats Dials/Instruments Carpet? Fuel tank? Seat belts Wheels Tyres Anything else obvious. Costing this at reasonable level plus kit and donor comes in around 9k,doesnt include any tools or consumables etc
  4. Hi, Apologies if this is somewhere already had a really good dig around but cant find anything that im ideally after. I'm after a list of build costs for a kit car - looking at Mazda based SDV GBS Zero or Westfield. Finding it all confusing. Speaking with GBS briefly on email they said the SDV route cost will be 5k ish for starter kit plus, then between 4-9k on top of this to complete depending on level of kit. What i cant find is list of parts/prices that makes up the difference. i.e what is missing from a donor car and the kit and how much? After base kit of 5k and donor of 1.5k (tops i guess) what is missing that i makes up the 2.5k? seats, consumables etc? cant see that being 2.5k? Westfield seems a bit more straight forward, starter kit and completion kit then donor and any upgrades. So at a guess is going to be kit costs of 12k + donor cost? Ideally someone has a nice spreadsheet already put together with their build costs i can have a look at. Most of the build threads don't display costs (and rarely mention) so im guessing it may not be etiquette to share or people are in denial about how much they spent !? Thanks
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