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  1. many thanks for the responses, as I am 17+ stone and the wrong side of 70 any work which involves climbing into the foot well is unlikely to end well - however the recommendations are sound and appreciated. I think adjusting the brake light switch would be favorite and I may be able to reach this sitting in the passenger side. (after taking a hacksaw to the gear stick). Does anybody know how the 'bar' supporting the brake switch is connected to the side flanges? It doesn't appear to be welded. I suppose a mirror and decent camera would show this. There is very little brake pedal travel and the brakes are not great. Considering the power to weight ratio I don't think a servo would rock the boat, though I have been warned that this could result in 'over braking'. Looking forward to getting some fresh air driving (within current restrictions) once this is done!
  2. Hell, I don't think I want to climb down there with a cleaning cloth, let alone a welding rig! I had thought of packing out the pedal with an aluminium spacer (rubber coated of course) however not too sure how this would suit the MOT lads. It appears there is no threaded portion of the push rod then?
  3. Hi All, I need to adjust the brake pedal position which is currently 60 - 70mm back from the accelerator (and about 30 - 35mm back from the clutch). It is a standard Sierra set up (1985) but I can't see any threaded linkage that would bring the pedal forward. Tempted to put a servo on the car but very little space outside the pedal box. Has anybody found a way to adjust the pedal reach?
  4. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Hi there, yes it was Rob Hancock, one of the most helpful chaps I have met in the auto industry together with his colleague Andy Carwithen of anc sportscars. The car was on e-bay and it is a black top Zetec. I haven't had a chance to go through all the paperwork (of which there is a vast amount) but I am sure it must have a few bells and whistles to achieve the performance that Rob has described. I haven't had a chance yet to drive it!!! as we have gale force winds on the Lizard (and very wet), but that won't last forever! I do need to lose weight though, and what better incentive than to be comfortable whilst enjoying the car. Fortunately the wheels/tyres just need swapping from one side to the other.
  5. painter

    Newbie 2B

    I know, pointed out by Quantum Sports cars, but thanks for pointing it out. First stop ATS. (although you would think whoever last put the wheels on the words left and right would be a clue).
  6. painter

    Newbie 2B

    well, finally the car is sitting outside, just sorting the tax and adjusting seating (and waiting for the sun to return) before I venture out, slowly at first! Looking forward to being able to use the roads once more, although we can of course drive to a place of exercise.
  7. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Hi Maca, yes we do have much clearer roads in deepest Cornwall, although have noticed the build up over the last twenty years. There are several roads in excess of 2 miles usually clear of traffic and well suited to clearing the cobwebs from the throttle, but 60 is the limit. Also the A30 is quite a good road even by modern standards and out of holiday season not too busy. I am alarmed when (on the rare occasions) I venture out of Cornwall and find the 'parking facilities' on the M5/M4 etc. My plan is simply to enjoy before I am too old to do so.
  8. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Hi there Fry 61, yes would be good to meet up once this virus has worked it's course. I am on the Lizard (next stop Atlantic). I agree the 0-60 times are somewhat incidental in the big picture of enjoying kit car driving, just keen to experience once more the exhilaration of driving an old S2 '7' in my younger years. (Nothing I have owned since comes close to that). I do however remember the miserable days driving to work in the rain with steamed up windows, and certainly remember one occasion when the rear wheel overtook me. Great fun.
  9. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Well not to me it wouldn't!
  10. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Hi MarkB, I am having the car tested next week to confirm performance but I understand the limitations as described. I think what is more pertinent from my point of view is whether or not my body would do sub 4s!. We (I) will see. regards
  11. painter

    Newbie 2B

    well, I think I have found a sub 4s tinbox, hopefully will complete purchase next week but until it is verified I will of course investigate the glider launch. Sounds like a post life insurance present from the wife. I suppose the gearbox ratios must have some bearing on acceleration, as I have seen quite a lot of higher bhp's with slower 0-60. (and engine weight).
  12. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Lurking! the Lotus 7 had a Cosworth 1500 with webers and race tuned. However it was not very well built as I discovered within 12 months when a rear wheel overtook me.
  13. painter

    Newbie 2B

    that's worrying!
  14. painter

    Newbie 2B

    Hi all, many thanks for the replies, looks as though I am going away from Robin Hood and aiming for a sub 4 sec. 0 - 60 container, be that a Westfield/Caterham. Lotus are now far too expensive, Patrick McGoohan has a lot to answer for. My aim was to once again relive the experience I once had owning an old S2 Lotus 7 which had breathtaking acceleration. Of course my recollections are from the late 60's when most cars were lucky to get to 60mph. However I have a Merc. SL500 and that doesn't feel so fast. I have joined the club and at the end of the day a kit car is a kit car and many of the problems will be of a similar nature. This is obviously a lively club and perhaps you may accept a Kit owner who does not necessarily own a RH!. (If not I fully understand and will seek pastures elsewhere). Once again thanks for the advice and responses.
  15. painter

    Newbie 2B

    I have seen some pretty damning comments on Robin Hoods on Kit Cat sites yet they look no different to a Westfield or Caterham. Is it due to the tube frame quality (torsional stiffness etc.) They are certainly less expensive but I would have thought the quality depends on who put it together.
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