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  1. I've recently refurbished a 2003 Hoodie. I've got it driving well but my Bosch alternator probably from the Sierra donor is too close on no. 1 exhaust pipe. It's a Burton BV head and a competition exhaust, but should I brake a fan belt I couldn't get a new on as the alternator is almost leaning on the pipe. I'd have to remove the unit to get the belt on. Anyone know of a shorter alternator, preferably with the same size pully and bolt fixing points. I know I'd have to make a spacer or new mounting for the back end.
  2. Hiya, your measurements are about right, I've just finished rebuilding an elderly Hoodie I got hold of which was originally built from a 1987 Sierra in 2003. It's about the same distances. I wanted to adjust my fitting and did it by putting in a 35mm high false floor and re aligning the seat a bit, if that's any help.
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