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  1. The above club puts on car meets and I went to one in July at Turweston air field near Brackley Northants. About 500 cars turned up, kit cars, hot rods, classics, and a Austin 7 special ''kit car' Back in the late fifties buy a seven for £7-50 scrap the body and build a sports car. Go on their site,no need to join them just turn up. Where does the name Locost come from, mine has cost £1,000 just to make it safe for the road.Still it was a gift with a headache Bill Williams.
  2. We exhibit with our own stand with cars motorcycles etc. The orange locost has got Lotus badge's on the nose and wheel centres put on by the previous owner A white haired gent on a mobility scooter came over and with a big grin nodded to the locost and said, "pushing it a bit aint it". I thought another know all only to find he was a mechanic with Colin Chapman's formula one team and his twin brother was also part of the team. We had a good laugh and a long very informative chat. His knowledge and experience made me feel like a novice even though having built cars and bikes for years. Bill Williams. I
  3. Heater gone still got the full screen


  4. Please ring on 07906829162 to make arrangements to post. Bill.
  5. yes still available will try to put pic tomorrow bill
  6. Car heater removed from Locost as new very effective plus full alloy windscreen both free collect Northampton.
  7. Thanks have fitted a set of n9yc and now runs without banging and running on three cylinders. Bill
  8. have got a lo cost with a kent 1600 engine with twin 40 dellorto carbs. I bought a new set of bp 7es plugs.Two of them have failed No.1 and No.4. I had a couple on champion n9y and they ran ok.I heard that 1600 crossflows like the ngk. The n9y seem to run cleaner but am not sure about fitting them.the ngk have only covered 70 miles. Can some one advise please. Bill Williams.
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