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  1. Hi Peter how do i test if the secondary choke is opening? Also just to make sure i have identified the correct jets am i right in saying the secodary idle and then the main are nearest the throttle shaft? I havent had the car that long and never had it on the road until last week, so not sure if it drove ok for previous owner .I wonder if he put the main jets wrong way around Any idea wher i can find info for putting this back to standard jetting for cheers Dave
  2. Hi I have just bought a tiger kit car with a standard 2.0 pinto engine fitted. Im having a few problems with misfires and odd backfiring under acceleration. I have checked usual things float height, timing, plugs, ht leads etc. with no luck. It has a 32/34 dtml carb fitted I was just wondering if it is jetted correctly. I am going to upgrade at sometime to a better carb but for now just wanted to use this if its ok. the jets in it are primary idle 55 secondary idle 60 primary main air 165 emulsion f30 main 125 secondary main air170 emulsion f22 main 117 does this seem ok for this engine tried trolling the net but i cant find anything hope someone could help me just want to cancel this out befors delving deeper lol many thanks Dave
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