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  1. Quarks7


    I think it's fair to say that Land Rovers/Range Rovers are enthusiasts vehicles? We (as kit car owners) are by definition "enthusiasts" The big difference (IMHO) is. I don't mind my kit car being a bit temperamentaly. In fact I kind of expect it? However I want my daily driver to get me to where I want to go. Without any tantrums. Therefore I wouldn't buy a Range Rover!!!!
  2. MarkBzero is spot on Howleybar. Lightweight rear wheel drive cars can loose traction/grip with enthusiastic use of the throttle. Pls don't take that as a warning though mate? Think of it more as an invitation to loads of fun! ;0)
  3. Cheers Enforcer. Another name I've not heard for a long time. How's tricks mate? I had a friendly brush with the law on Saturday (makes a change!) I slowed right down to pass a line of parked cars & 2 ice cream vans. Due to the potential for ice cream focused kids darting out. 100m up the road I got a pull from a traffic car. They gave my new toy a really good looking over. Had a half hearted pop about my toys exhaust being a bit to fruity. Then.... Shock/horror!!!! They congratulated me on my sensible attitude to passing the parked cars & ice cream vans! I was fully expecting a hidden camera crew to jump out from behind a bush! ;0)
  4. Wow Grim! Things have moved on in the last few years then mate! Not only do you have a son. You've found a female woman of the opposite sex to put up with your lust for kit cars!
  5. I would handed out a few more likes. However apparently I've reached my daily limit for liking peoples posts? WTF is that all about!:0(
  6. Hi Dave, What time are you guys getting there? Not toooo early I hope? As I still need a "LOT" of beauty sleep!
  7. Hi Nick, Great to hear from you mate. How's tricks?
  8. Thank you, I have photos but can't see how to post them? I seem to recall it takes a load of pi$$ing about via Photobucket? I no longer have an account with them. Weather permitting, I'll be in it at the Earls Barton show on Sunday. Maybe one of the other lads could take/post a photo? Or Google/Youtube "MEV EXO TR1KE"
  9. Hi Grim, Glad to see your still on here mate. What have you been up to? Last time I went to a RHOCAR meet I had an MGF. They didn't laugh toooo much?
  10. Cheers Lads, Thank you for the latest warm welcome. If it's not raining this coming Sunday & my local meet is on at Tilbrook? I might pop over for a catch up with a few of you?
  11. Hi Lads, Long time no chat! I'm an ex "Hoodie" who moved onto an MK Indy before finally going back to bikes I've been looking to buy/build another kit for just over a year now. After missing out on an AC Cobra kit last year. I started looking into building an MEV tR1ke kit. (Reverse Trike using a Yamaha R1 motor) They are a fairly easy build but after the Hayabusa engined MK Indy I had a few years ago. I swore I'd never have another bike engined car. Not because it wasn't quick or fun to drive. It's because the gear change at normal speeds was clunky as hell. Yet it was like a knife through butter if I was driving it like I'd stolen it! Consequently it encouraged me to drive like a bellend! Loads of fun but not great if you like to maintain a clean driving licence? To cut a long story short. I've just purchased a factory built tR1ke. It has every factory option plus some. inc a Klicktronic flappy paddle gear box. So no crunchy gear changes at any speed! I will genuinely miss the build process but I couldn't build a car to this standard/quality without spending £1000's more than this ready made car. It's a 15 plate with only 1500 miles from new. Owned by a guy who's close to 80yrs old. Never been on a racetrack (so he said?) & in as new condition. The purchase rather than building one was a total no brainer! I thought my old Hayabusa powered kit was rapid? Infact I have an 18" trophy from Santa Pod to prove it was. However the new toy makes the MK look like an asthmatic snail! Imagine a 750cc sports bike. That you can nail from a standstill or in any gear. Without the fear that it might spit you off? The acceleration/performance is truly astonishing. It feels like it has enough power to spin the world backwards? The cornering forces it'll take before breaking traction have rearranged your internal organs long before it it looses grip! Anyway.... As I was still welcome here when I defected to an MK Indy. I was wondering if I'd still be welcome with the new toy?
  12. Cheers Ken, IMHO the MGF is one of the few two seater rag tops that a bloke looks alright driving? Maybe not as macho as a fire breathing 7 rep though? One of my MK's was fitted with a tuned 200+bhp Hayabusa motor. That was pretty hairy chested but a f#ckin nightmare to drive on the road. It weighed slightly more than a wet fag packet & was therefore a proper handful even on a bone dry road. In the wet (only tried it once) it was lethal. Fun in a suicidal kinda way but still lethal! I originaly only bought the MG for it's number plate. Then decided it was worth saving from the jaws of the crusher. I've got very carried away since then though mate & have priced myself out of ever being able to sell it. Good job her-in-doors likes it eh! ;0) Incase your interested the MG's plate is M60 PEN or with a bit of creative spacing & a screw it's MG OPEN. A mate who works for BMW reckons has a buyer for it? The guy has just bought a £100,000 M6 convertible & fancies M6 OPEN to compliment his new toy. Hence my offer for the rather tasty looking Jag engined 2B. Anyway...... I'm doing a great job of hijacking this thread. So I'll clear off & have a look in the for sale section. Regards Jez
  13. I've just done a search on ended items on Fleabay. The car sold in the closing couple of minutes. Only one bidder but I guess that's all you need eh! So it's back to the drawing board for me then! Not such a bad thing realy as we are already on the DVLA's Christmas card list. One more vehicle might mean we get invited to their works Christmas do?!? :0) Regards Jez
  14. Cheers Steve, I've done that. If it doesn't work I'll keep checking back on the thread. Cheers Jez
  15. Hi 2b Cruisin, Having owned 4 Robin Hoods before defecting to MK Indys. I can assure you that a well sorted VVC MGF will eat a standard 2.0ltr pinto Hood for breakfast in every dept. They lack the seat of your pants feeling that a 7 replica gives you. However that is only due to them being more refined. Compared to something like a BMW Z4 or a Boxster you'd never call an MGF refined. However compared to a 7 rep it is. Ours/hers is a good bit of kit mate & if the *bleep*e ones continue to be scrapped at the rate they currently are? Maybe one day the values will start to rise? I'm not holding my breath just yet though!!! ;0) Cheers Jez
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