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  1. hi richy, everything as measured the same and the rod already modified, i just need to get the circlip grooves cut into the piston. dont know what he was flapping about.
  2. hi richy, i see what you are saying. new piston have come with pins, it is the engine builder that has told me it cant be done, i am going over to see them in the morning (with measuring calliper's in hand) i will let you know the out come. in my mind i agree there shouldn't be a problem. fingers crossed
  3. hi richy, problem i have is the engine builder, is telling me the gudgeon pins are different sizes on the pressed pins and the circlip pins, i already have purchased correct size piston but it cannot be fitted to exsisting con rod ( means i may have to buy a complete set to which i am trying to avoid) current engine only done 1000 miles, been stood 5 years in garage.
  4. cheers guys will give them a go
  5. hi guys, new to this so bear with me, bought a s7 running 2lt pinto with modified cosworth rod and pistons. problem is a piston as blown and i cant get a replacement i need a 90.8 +1.55mm with a circlip gudgeon pin, tried burton power ect and i am having no luck. any ideas would help please
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