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  1. Jon You have a pm. Simon M
  2. Simon M

    Engine Cutting Out

    Managed to sort it. Had a home tune guy round- electrics all OK. It was debris in float chamber. Also changed the mechanical pump, only £17, as he said there was little suction from it. Mixture adjusted and running better than ever now! thanks Simon
  3. Simon M

    Engine Cutting Out

    Thanks for that I'll check/replace the leads first. I'm still not sure if it's fuel as I can get full power, it seems intermittent. Cheers Simon
  4. Simon M

    Engine Cutting Out

    Checked coil resistance, within limits. Plugs OK and a good colour. I was wondering about my leads could they cause this problem if defective? Anyone any ideas? Simon
  5. My hood has a Weber 2V 30/34 DFTH carb & Esc II ecu. Starts OK, reluctantly if left a week or more. It was first noticed after driving 15 miles, but now after 2 or 3 miles it starts missing/coughing. Ticks over OK, not quite as smoothly as before, but hesitate again when any power's called for. Sounds as though carb is sucking harder than normal? Took top off carb, after a run, to check float height- fuel ~15mm from top of chamber, but seemed to drain away by 10mm over the next 15 minutes? Mechanical fuel pump diaphram & non-return valves seem OK Anyone any ideas what the problem could be, fuel or electric? Cheers Simon
  6. Does anyone know when the sprint events on Sunday are taking place? Simon
  7. Simon M

    Exhaust Baffle

    I was wonering whether the RHE baffle could do any harm to my 2L pinto, by restricting the gasses so close to the exhaust ports, before they get to a "silencer" box? I find it much more comfortable on the ears than without; I'm not sure if it reduces power or not. Any comments? Simon
  8. Simon M

    Exhaaust Heat Wrap

    Paul My baffle thingy came loose twice & eventually it was spat out while I was waiting at some lights! I've made a new one from heavier gauge stainless & seems OK so far. I also turned the front end of the silencer tube in slightly to trap the baffle prongs. Simon
  9. Simon M


    Mark Very professional! Are you coming to our next area meeting on Friday 13th, starting at 7:30. We'll be at the Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh this month. Hope to see you there Simon
  10. Simon M

    Carb Problem

    John It was blue gasket sealant from Halfords, it's non setting. My diaphram only had a pin hole in it so I was reasonably confident of a temporary cure. I applied the goo on the outside so that air pressure would hold it in place. Simon
  11. Simon M

    Carb Problem

    I had a similar problem. I found the diaphram in the auto choke was split, so the vacuum could not hold the choke partially open- ie it was running too rich. Only a problem at tickover. Once the engine was at full temperature the car was fine as the engine didn't need the choke. Ford wanted to sell a complete assembly for ~£30 so I decided on a temporary fix & sealed the split with a petrol resistant flexible sealant- 6 months ago.. still going strong. Or you could try a scrappy for another diaphram. HTH Simon
  12. Simon M


    Thanks for the suggestions. I've been offered a sump from a local member, but I'll still keep an eye on the one on E-bay. Cheers Simon
  13. Anyone know where I can get my screen supports chromed in Kent & how much? Simon
  14. Simon M


    Didn't fancy struggling under a pile of cars. I'll see if our local scrappy has any engines out. Cheers Simon
  15. Simon M


    After giving the sump a few knocks, I think its time to get it shortened. Where is the best place to look for a replacement for a 2 litre pinto? I plan to do the work on a spare then to swap them over, to reduce off road time. Simon
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