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  1. Yes this 1 is a 2b pne of my 1st postes on here was a 3a but i got rid of that and got this
  2. Well im getting close to the point of iva. Well the point were i dont know what else is to do unless i get my fail sheet. Im stuck on the last couple of bits mainly seats i need to move the drivers back and do some more reinforceing. Also need to wire up the reverse light. Im wondering if there is anyone local to county durham who knows his stuff and beem through iva who could come and check over my build and help me with the seats. My mechanic skills and electical skills are limited i can follow a haynes manual thats about it dont mind paying an expert to come help
  3. hi engine runs drives fine temp gauge works the lad i bought it off wasnt the builder he only had it 1 month and never touched it. He bought it to make a profit i think as he didnt even know what it was called. But he bought it from the guy who made it apperntly he had 7x projects on the go and needed space so got rid of a few and this was 1. He said it needed reverse light,fog light ,thermostat and horn then it was ready for iva.
  4. Hi thanks for the advice been in the garage all day today. Made absoultley no progress but what i did do is unbolt the seat then realised it was on runners and the leaver was just stiff. Loosened that pushed it right back then did 4x attempts at bolting it all back up and no matter which way i did it i could not get it to go as stiff and stable as it was orginally. But it was sat on 4x nuts under the runners all differe t sizes so i am guessing they were to level the seat off. Anyway ive done thst many attempts ive knacked the threads on the bolts so need new ones. So 1 whole morning and im 1 step back ha ha
  5. hi do you have you have to take seats out from bolts underneath ? Need to do mine to move them back as im too tall
  6. hi guys well were to start. Joined you all a few months back when i bought a series 3a on a whim and not having a clue. I soon realised 1 i had bought the wrong car it was just too small inside. And 2 it was far more than i could do to finish it i had bitten of more than i could chew. So anyway i sold it and managed to get my money back. I was determined to get 1 still so ive just managed to purchase a 2b which is alot more complete than the 1st car. Apperntly all it needs is a horn,thermostat,and reverse lights and its ready for iva. I took a leap at it as im in county durham and it was past london. Collected it and i must say it looks like a very good build all recipts here for the kit and all parts totalling 4k and i paid £1990 for it. Anyway my 1st priority is to move the seats back and pedals back as the man who built it was tiny and im 6,4. Anyone got any advice on how to do this id be chuffed ill include some pics thanks.
  7. Hi m8 that will help me im sure thanks very much
  8. If anyone could advise me were all this goes and seat belt mountings it would be much appreciated
  9. Well had my 1st day in the garage today managed to get the engine to spark. Also put aload of angle iron in the back few hours down.
  10. Cheers harry ill keep that in mind ill no doubt need help and asvice through most steps of my build.hoping to get it done for next summer and get to some meets with you all
  11. Engine turns over but no spark yet but not really looked at it its not wired up or anything.and dont have a clue what am doing m8 just going to go for it. But im no mechanic haha
  12. Havent made any progress yet guys been buying more tools as i did not have much. Got 3 days off next week so going to try and get all the strenghing done if possible.met alan from the group and hes been giving me alot of tips and helping. Few pics of the project ahead wish me luck and if theres snyone local wants to lend a hand ill provide the tea and coffee
  13. Hi alan i actually bought mine from cramlington on monday.it would be great to see yours it would help me alot to see where things go and speak to someone who built one. Your welcome to come have a look or if it helps im actually popping back to cramlington tomrrow or friday as the person i bought mine off has found a couple more bits i need to pick up. So i could pop and have look ans chat if you like ?
  14. Hi firstly thanks for letting me join this group. After years of wanting a kit car ive finally took the leap and got one. I was wanting a little project for me and my young son and came across a robin hood s3a. It was started by an elderly chap who unfortunatley passed away and never finished it. After speaking to the mans freind and his widow i decided to buy it and promised i would take it back and show them when finished. Now me being me dived in head 1st no questions asked or serious thoughts given. And dont have much clue wat am doing so im here for as much help and advice as possible and hopeing to get the build finished on the road and join the kit car community.next year. Heres what i have and know s3a it has a 2.0 sierra engine fitted (not wired up ) and gearbox fitted brakes and wheels suspension all fitted.all the parts are here for me to finish.my brother in law is a mechanic and is going to get the engine running and wired up.but hes never built a kit car and we have loads of body parts still to be fitted and thats my area apperntly ill put up a couple of pics i currently have and will take more when am next in the garage.Hoping someone can point me in some direction and tell me were a few of the panels go etc. Even better if there any experts close (tow law county durham ) your free to pop over to have a look and give me some advice.ill provide the tea
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