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  1. As it's still technically a bike why not just continue to have split brake controls as per the original bike? I think your going to really struggle to find a proportioning valve that will really reduce the rear brakes so much that they lock up after the fronts as there is so little weight on them. Mind too that you will be requiring twice the hydraulic flow to the fronts than the rears which will only make things worse.
  2. Solved the issue, I chopped a 19mm 1/2 inch drive and 13mm 3/8 drive sockets in half. Welded them together and then ground a 3/8 extension into a wobbly one. Worked perfectly nut off in a few seconds, one for the toolbox cheers for the suggestions
  3. Thanks, forgot it's going to be imperial... Ok I'll have a rummage through the box and see if anything will fit this though I may have to weld some contraption together
  4. Hello, I'm having to change the upper balljoints in the mushrooms due to knackered boots and they seem quite loose, however I was amazed to find the bolt inside canted over at such an angle that I can't see how I'm supposed to even get a socket in there! how are people managing this??? Thanks, Scott.
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