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  1. Thanks nelmo.... this sounds just about how I want things to go, I was thinking of sourcing a crate engine and gearbox too and my figure of 15k was a rough estimate I was thinking of for everything else I'd need from GBS... Thanks for the reply and I'll give your blog a good look at.
  2. Hi all, I'm Jay, new to the RHOCar club. I am a previous owner of a Robin Hood 2B, I've included a picture below. Here's my quick story... 16 years ago I bought a 2B kit from Robin Hood, sat down watching the 4 VHS tapes that came with the kit and embarked upon getting my donor Sierra, getting all my donor parts together and started to build my 2B. It looks quite good in the pic but alas, she never ran and after months of anguish and some surprise family additions I had to let her go. The car stayed local and I knew the guy I'd sold her onto, believe it or not but he was a mechanic and also couldn't get her to run, the problem was not mechanical but electrical and even though I complete bespoke wiring loom was made it still wouldn't start and run off the key. Eventually this guy also let her go and who knows, maybe she's a great car for someone now. However, for me, this is unfinished business and I'm determined to build my own car to drive. I've followed Robin Hood Cars throughout their transformation into the now Great British Sportscar brand and I'd love to get my teeth into the GBS Zero, it kind of connects the 2B I never drove, to the modern re-incarnation of a great looking kit car. I've been in touch with Richard and Ruth regarding a complete kit with Ford zetec or duratec engine coming in around 27K. Obviously this is completely everything I'd need brand new from them. So my main question is, what realistic costs am I looking at to build a 2nd Gen Zero if I'm sourcing parts myself i.e. engine/gearbox. Does anyone know roughly the costs of the rest of the kit from GBS, I'm looking to get this figure around 15k ??? is this reasonable ?? Cheers everyone Jay
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