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  1. Hi, thanks for getting back to me and for the info!
  2. I will when it's looking more presentable
  3. Great idea. I could do with seeing some others to check in doing it right On that note, have you got an expansion tank fitted? Wondering if I need to fit one...
  4. Hi, thanks for this info, I'll check their site. Where in Norfolk are you? I'm near Yarmouth
  5. Hi, have you still got the carb? I am in need of the air filter! Also have you still got the exhaust manifold kit? Thanks
  6. I have a Weber auto choke 30/34 dfth carb, what air filter should I use? Are there any good universal fit ones?? Thanks!
  7. Thanks ever so much for your help, it's given me a good starting point
  8. 2.0l sohc pinto with the stock weber...
  9. Thank you for your reply! Will an aftermarket loom fit quite well or need wiring up to things like the ecu? How much extra work is necessary there? Thanks
  10. Hello all, I am about to start laying the wiring in my recently acquired part built 2B04, but have no clue where to start! Looks like most of the Sierra wiring is in the box, but has all been cut, and only some labelled up. I have ecu and fuse box too. Is there a recognised start point?? Easy to use diagrams? Any help gratefully received! Thanks
  11. Hi guys, thank you for your messages. I found Dampertech this afternoon, and Dave sorted me out! Very good. Now to sort all the other issues...
  12. Hi all, my first post as a new owner of a RH2B! Has anyone got any rear coilovers for sale? It's one of the few things I'm missing for this build. Thanks!
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