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  1. Hi. Yes I intend to do a few meets. Be good to pick peoples brains. Always been a biker(still am) so these cars are all new to me.
  2. So. I’ve won a car on eBay. Won’t pick it up for a few days. Pics will follow.
  3. Thanks. I’d like a locking lid, all though in many years of biking, never had a pannier knicked. Touch wood.
  4. Depending on the next few days I will know which westfield I will own. Re boot lids, spares in general I guess, where should I be looking to shop. Only locking boot lids I can find are on the factory Westfield site. Around £1,100 for a lid? Ouch. I’m expecting to have to spend money, but that seems a little steep. Any ideas? Make my own maybe? Other suppliers? I doubt they come up second hand very often.
  5. Lol probably not as old as me. I did wonder about longer trips with it. Anyway. I went too look at a Westfield mid week. I like them. I’ve a bid on one on eBay that ends in a few days.
  6. Thanks for adding the links. Older pinto engine, and supercharged. Troubles ahead? Sounds amazing...
  7. So it seems I need to work on my tech skills. Providing links on here confuses me, most things so mind. For anyone here that’s bored, I have an interest on a couple of current eBay cars. One being a green Westfield. Pic of it in a field is lovely. The other is a supercharged RHood, red and sounds great. Looks a good build but I know little.
  8. Thanks all. Couple more questions. Q plate cars, does the plate effect values? Toy box cars Ltd, decent dealer? Westfield cars? Better than hoods, or does it really depend on build quality? Last one, if i mention/link a car on eBay etc for sale on here will I get advice on it?
  9. Should have added I’m not after a super smooth drive. If I was I’d go for a mx5 type car. I’d like to have something in my garage this winter to get to know and maybe tidy if needed. Covid makes it awkward, can’t really go around testing cars till I find a good one..
  10. Robin hoods on eBay? There’s a couple for sale that look pretty good. Also cheaper than I’d realised. Cars on eBay around 5 or 6 k. For that should I expect a well sorted car? Also, just how well should they go? 0-60 in the under 7 sec range? Handle well enough for fun? Not shaking the driver too bits?
  11. It’s a 7 style I’m after. Wife is used too bikes, pillion and riding herself. As long as the rides not to harsh and the seats reasonably comfy, we both can put up with some drips and drafts. So it’s basically look for a car with decent fitting roof and sides covers. Enough luggage space to suit us. Good engine ,and decent looking fit out wiring and chassis. There’s some tidy looking robin hoods about? Westfield look interesting as well. Take the point about reliability, but as I said I’ve had old lotus’s...i found I could build them into reliable vehicles, though not like a modern car. Anyway, thanks for replies, very helpful.
  12. Thanks. Other half will definitely want to share the driving. What you say makes sense, maybe my ? Was a little silly. I’m just trying to get a feel for the type of car I need to look for. Cheers.
  13. Evening. Looking to buy a kit car. Have no experience of them. Have owned a couple of 70s Lotus elans but mainly a biker. Would like something quick enough to be fun, not scary quick. Would also like it comfy enough for wife and me to do a few miles in. Do any come with rain covers that work? Do you just get wet like on a bike? Is it mad to think of going away in one for a week? Budget flexible, anywhere between 10k to 15k. All pointers welcome please. Specially the negatives...Cheers, Ian.
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