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  1. I don't know if this might be of interest to anyone Quite a range of 'interesting kit' up for grabs. http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html http://www.hjpugh.com/tractorsales/290113.pdf Rod.
  2. A huge thank you to Richard who delivered the engine personally to the middle of nowhere in South Wales. Top chap. I am totally chuffed with the engine which has clearly been a labour of love. I am attaching a couple of pics of the 'engine hoist' we used to move the pinto from the boot of the lexus into my wheel barrow! Thanks to my neighbour Wyn for the use of the telehandler. Damned heavy these pintos! Thanks Rod.
  3. Try this website, or give them a ring - always found them really helpful: http://www.thewelderswarehouse.com/Welding/Mig_Torch_Spares.html If the wire has some minor surface corrosion, try a wad of wire wool held loosely round the wire before the feed rollers with a large bull dog clip to give the a surface clean before being fed through. Good luck
  4. Hi Daz I know that you had a bit of a problem with it boiling over on the way back from Le Mans - but isn't all this a bit drastic? All the best with the transplant! Best wishes Rod.
  5. RodLane

    Axle Wind Up

    Hi Stevey The cortina rear axles do that. You need one or more additional links to prevent axle wind up. Check out this old thread where Chris gives a good description of what needs done. My link I presently have the original RH bodge with a link bolted into the top of the differential which works ok until the day it goes bang. The better alternative is the two rear links onto either end of the axle. I am uprating mine in the near future before i destroy my diff casing. Good luck. Rod.
  6. Hi Chris & Becks Jen & I will be coming for lunch - 1 carnivore, 1 vegitarian Look forward to seeing you all. Rod
  7. Thanks for the advice Paul - I'll give it serious consideration - but not sure how I'm going to sneak a whole engine into the workshop without the wife noticing! Dave you have a PM. Best wishes Rod.
  8. Thanks Dave, I know that that is the better engine, but would you be willing to let me have just the head for the right price? I am looking to make a simple swap to an unleaded head as I am always concerned about the leaded one being eaten away. I don't relly want to get involved in a full engine swap, and I've already got one full spare engine cluttering up the shed which also has a leaded head on it. Let me know what you think? Thanks Rod.
  9. Hi chaps Seeing as it is so nice outside at the moment I thought I might start working on the hood in preparation for LeMans. I currently have a 2.0L Pinto in the car, but having examined the shape of the ports I am sure it is one designed for leaded fuel. I would be interested in replacing it with an unleaded head if one was available. If anyone has one kicking about I would be very interested. Many thanks, Rod.
  10. Hi Steve & co. I'd like to add my name to the list of those interested. I've done the 'ring' once before in the hood (see avatar) and it was an interesting experience. Top tip - make sure you've got really good mirrors, you'll be lucky to hit the ton in a hood (well in mine anyway) and every other car and bike will be coming up behind at an alarming rate and will expect you to give them space. There will be a stack of exotic machinary going past you like you are standing still. This is a useful document and worth a download if you want to know the correct lines: http://www.bmw.com/generic/com/en/fascinat...ordschleife.pdf Sorry I don't know how to make it a link - but cut and paste into the browser. It's a 28page pdf file - but is in English! But to be honest unless you do a stack of laps you are completely lost after the first few corners - follow the guy in front if he looks like he knows what he is doing - or if you are feeling intimidated follow one of the buses or coaches going round - in my experience, they are usually to be found as you come tanking into the Karussell leading to some very strange lines being taken to avoid them. I'm going to make a mark in the diary for next July - looking forward to it. Rod.
  11. Sorry chaps, I had intended to be there for the post LeMans debrief - but: 1. I'm still stuck at work 2. It's p1ss1ng down 3. The better half has borrowed the TomTom to get her to and from Hampton Court Flower Show 4. In light of 3, my supper won't be on the table wen I get home tonight! Promise I will do better next month. Have a good meeting. Rod.
  12. Big thank you to Graham and all the family. A great location - what I wouldn't give for a workshop half that size! It was inspiring to see so many hoods out so early in the year - I will redouble my effforts to get my heap back on the road in time for Le Mans. Lovely roads round there - took the senic route back home on the BMW R1150GS. Hopefully will have the hood running for the next meet. Well done Graham - a great start - lets all try to keep it going - I'm happy to help in any way I can - you have my contact details. Rod
  13. Hi GDC Thanks for taking this on, I am delighted that you are planning to establish a Beds & Bucks local area. Your letter arrived last night. I'll get back to you in due course with some ideas. Happy to help in anyway I can - am not far from you just over the hill in Ivinghoe. My Hood is currently in bits on the drive - a bit of work required before LeMans! Might need some local help. Be in touch again soon. Rod.
  14. Thanks Grizzley So no seal missing then. So I don't need to go searching for a bit that doesn't exist! As far as I can see the right angle connector has the same size mounting flange as the speedo cable itself. So it should just fit. I'll give it another good shove to make sure the circlip is seated correctly. If the fit is poor, am I likely to loose much gearbox oil out this route? I have always wondered how the rear diff always seems to have a coating of oil - maybe it's coming fromthe gearbox? I guess I'd better check the gearbox level and top it up if necessary. With the transmission tunnel open, now would seem like a good opportunity.
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