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  1. rick inglasgow

    Attention: All Superspec Owners

    I may be a bit late, and maybe too far away, but I have a Rover engined Superspec and am in Glasgow. It was registered in 2013 (took a while !) and has been SORned for a year, but hoping to get back on the road for the spring.
  2. rick inglasgow

    Super Spec Front Wishbones

    Tried GBS again by phone again after no reply to emails and managed to take to someone helpful this time ! Turns out they were having a new server/system installed so were struggling with emails. They found a set, a lower & upper to fit a Super Spec, in their old stock. Now on order complete with both ball joints and bushes for £201 inc delivery - so I should be back on the road in a week or so Only difference is that they aren't yellow zinc coated like the old ones, so home powder coating system may have to be dug out. Chap I talked to reckoned they still have the jigs so can still make all the wishbones to original spec if required. Not sure how much they would charge or the lead time for that option, but at least they will still be available for a while yet.
  3. rick inglasgow

    Super Spec Front Wishbones

    I think they are similar but with a cut-out to allow longer shocks - but admit I ain't too sure. Bus Pass Boyz: Thanks but it's the lower I need. GBS didn't seem to know if they had any and I was asked to send photos in so they can check old stock - no reply so I don't hold out much hope. May have to get some custom made
  4. rick inglasgow

    Super Spec Front Wishbones

    I assumed GBS would list them if they were available - but thats great news i'll give them a shout in the morning.
  5. rick inglasgow

    Super Spec Front Wishbones

    Have just bent front off-side wishbones and chassis brackets on my Super Spec by hitting a kerb. Reckon I can straighten the brackets but def need new wishbones. I have had a look on the usual auction sites and GBS don't list them. Are they available anywhere ? Or does anyone have any ?
  6. rick inglasgow

    Anyone Have/know Of A Build Project For Sale?

    Are you still looking for a project ? I have a yellow superspec languishing in my garage (Rover T Series engine fitted).