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  1. I did have a look but with no luck on the car it’s self. I'm getting the feeling like scrapping it for metal might be the best option?
  2. Hello, I was talking to nelmo in private messages about this, I really do just want to know some prices... as I have no idea on what the value of what I have is.... I’m not trying to get around things as I totally respect your rules but I do t really know where else to go for advice? can I rephrase my question to: is anyone willing to help me price things up? We can chat away from the forum on this topic then....
  3. Thanks for the comments guys; I guessed the lightweight would be a hard thing to shift after seeing the issues with it over the last however many years.... If we’re looking at the parts individually then, any ideas on prices? I just don’t want to put the nose and wings on for £20 and they are worth £100 or vice versa....
  4. Hello all, I have a part built kit car (Robin Hood Lightweight) and I’m not too hot on what it’s all worth now-a-days... so I’m wondering if you lot could help me with pricing up what I have? I suppose two prices would be of interest to me: a price per part and a price for the whole lot... I don’t need retail prices I could do with what I would expect to get for them. WeTransfer link to the images below: https://we.tl/t-0YJZvdt7zo Thanks in advance for any help! Harry
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