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  1. Hi everyone! I need a recommendation for a specialised garage if possible that could work on upgrading my 1.8 Zetec in or near North London? Got some big plans for the engine that probably should be done by a professional...
  2. wow looks pretty cool! Only problem being I dont have space for a trailer! Ideally will be looking for one that is road legal. And yeah, lockdown is causing problems but we shall see where it goes.
  3. Ahh ok very useful advice. Ill do research on the locust chassis. Any other companies that might do the job?
  4. I'd ideally like to be able to drive it to the track, but yes it will only be used as a track day car. No daily driving or shopping trips...
  5. Hi everybody! I'm brand new to the kit car scene and would like a little advice. Im looking for a pre-built kit car that will hold its own on the track, but I have a pretty limited budget (of about £5500). I See that a lot of people talk about the "Robin Hood 2B" but I have also heard not great things about it. Found a pretty cool custom looking one recently, with fiberglass body panels and a 2.0 pinto engine and a very interesting custom interior, but unsure if its powerful at all. If I go look at it, any things I should be checking? If that is the wrong car for the job, any others people might recommend? Thanks everyone!
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