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  1. skoda fabia vRS. Cheap, great fun & produce more torque than a porsche boxter at 4k revs. Trust me. I had one with a superchip on it. Took an M3 to the cleaners from lights up to about 65.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the responses, Im not going to the detling show so i wont be able to take it off you, but thanks for the offer, its much appreciated. Not only is it hunting, its just running a bit rough, so im wondering whether the car would benefit with a bit of TLC for the carb to see whether it is that. Once again, thanks for the assistance guys, will keep you informed Andy
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the info re: engine identification. As for the intermittend engine idle problem, its a 38DGAS carb & its always done it ever since ive had it. Will have to check for any air leaks & see if that solves it...its running like a bag of poo at the moment. thanks guys Andy
  4. Hi all, ive got a 2.8 v6 ford cologne engine in my cobra kit car, theres a couple of things that i need to do. Firstly, i need to know how to date the engine. Also, i have an annoying problem where the engine revs then drops then revs and drops whenever it is idling. It will do this revving and dipping whether the car is warm or cold, it will do it whether its just been rolled off the drive or its been driven 20 miles. It seems the only thing that works is if i kill the ignition then restart the engine. Its been the only way ive found to cure it so far. Not ideal im sure you'll agree, so if anyone can assist me with this one, id be most grateful. Oh yeah, try not to be too technical, it'll ony confuse me! lol cheers Andy
  5. If i can get my sidepipes sorted i'll try to make it for the 5th April... Its been a long time since i've been out to play.
  6. nothing changes does it....someone does something daft....Mitch always seems to be there when the hapless individual least expects it!!!!
  7. yeah it is a bit of a distance for me Elwe....thanks for the shout though! Andy
  8. Hi all im looking for an LT77 gearbox & bellhousing for my rover 3.5 v8 its a longshot, but if anyone has got one then id be interested Andy
  9. Hi bytesize Ive got a lightboard from thieves that im not going to be using. PM me & we can discuss cheers Andy
  10. Andy Badger

    Lpg Advice

    I had a freelander converted. It was fantastic. Would defo have another one done. My advise would be to speak to the garages who convert to LPG. Shop around, id avoid anyone who is mega cheap, as in this case you definately get what you pay for.
  11. Because you have to be totally hands free. The bluetooth headsets should automatically answer the call. For what its worth, i agree with you Dan, its ridicularse (spelling intended!) that you can mess with your stereo while driving, but touch a button on your phone...illegal. Same with people who smoke. Anyway....
  12. Lancashire definately do the option of the driving course. Greater Manchester definately dont. Thats how i got my (1st and only endorsements) 3 points in feb. Didnt get the option of a course. So be thankful you got the option. As for salty's comment about being able to touch a button on the phone. I know that you cant touch the phone at all.
  13. how come Jim???? £85 is a bit of a blow isnt it!
  14. Andy Badger

    Nwest Meet

    havent seen any of you guys for ages, count me in mate. Promise no mithering!!!
  15. Knew i could rely on you guys to extract the urine! The phone has to be in a cradle is the letter of the law. I suspect that if you dont touch the phone at all then you will probably get away with it as most traffic bobbies seem to be the most sensible out of them all. But as he handed me the fine with a coke & a smile he said it was because i was handling the phone & it wasnt in a cradle. hope that clears it up. Im sure enforcer could shed some more light on the subject. All i know is im £30 lighter than i was at 16:00 yesterday!
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