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  1. Hey there. Im currently using/adapting the same manifold to fit Yamaha R1 carbs to my pinto engine. What im planning on doing is using a bolt with lock tight in the injector holes then cutting the head of the bolt off. Then il drill and tap a 6mm hole in the centre of this and attach a small pipe like used as bleed nipples on brakes. I will use these to balance the carbs then cap them off with some small air tight rubber caps. May also concider sculpting where the bolt will petrude into the inside of the manifold for better air flow. Then instead of drilling the jets il be using the jets from a DGAV carb as these will fit straight in and can be bought cheaply in a range of sizes as bike jets only go up to about 160 and the DGAV range from 90 - 205 in increments of 5. Althought if you do choose to drill then they recommend using a 1.8mm for 2ltr engines and 1.65mm for 1.6ltrs. If anyone else requires any more information regarding fitting bike carbs and jet sizes then feel free to pm me. Will post some pictures once manifold is made. May even put up some build pics along the way.
  2. Any left dude as i'd be well up for one of these. I'd pay by paypal once I get the nod that you still have some.
  3. Hey there. Need to get some fuel grade hose with an internal dia of 50mm. So that I can link up my tank to the filler cap. As the shoddy pipe rh gave me doesnt look that great. It needs to be either flexible or come at a right angle. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Or offer support on how they have linked up the filler to tank. Thanks for your time fello hoodies.
  4. Cheers gents. Much appreciated. Petrol tank here I come.
  5. Can I please have some options of fuel tank fitment please. Pictures would be great help. I've seen of a few people using some sort of strap. The only way I can describe the strap is it's about an inch wide with holes all the way up the centre. Any one know what I'm going on about? And if so where I can get some from
  6. Go For the Windows Movie Maker. I've used this several times and it's very good for a basic package. And when your finished you have so many options as to how you want to save it. I.e for the web, dvd, to send in an email. Well worth a try. After all it's free.
  7. I've got a electronic speedo to fit to my hood and I need to source a sensor to generat a pulse. I've read a few posts about using some salvaged from breakers yards. This would save loads of pennys rather than buying one else where on the web. So what im after is a list of cars im looking for to source there speedo sensors. And if you know there where abouts on the vehicle. Thank you in advance.
  8. The axles are totally stripped so they wont need to be cut. Thanks for the pictures though. Just got mail from Pete and should be here by next week fingers crossed.
  9. Ok people I've spoke to the man in the know and my rear axle wedges are on order. Was just wondering if anyone else has fitted these at all? Maybe post some pics so I can see what im letting myself in for. I've got the rear axle totally stripped and just waiting on these now. Cant wait to get them and get some wheels on the back end.
  10. I've just managed with some modification to fit a 7.5'' diff in a 7'' axle. I did this cos I wasnt aware of a 7'' LSD. But hey it's in and it works. If you want any pics then let me know and il send them.
  11. so am i looking for anybike that uses MIKUNI carbs? and does it matter what cc engine they come from.
  12. Ok so after reading through some other posts I,ve decided that bike carbs are the way forward. Im gonna sell my 45's and invest in some. But what my next question is, What bike carbs do I use? What bike am I looking for to rob carbs from? And what jets am i looking to get?
  13. ok people on sunday il be dragging the trusty old pushbike out of the garage to take part in the london to brighton pushbike ride. 54 miles for the british heart foundation. feel free to sponsor me http://www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/benroff all donations are much appreciated. thank you
  14. Has anyone tried to or actually removed the spare wheel hoop? Can it even be done? Will it create a week point? If anyones done it it or got any info on the subject then please leave your views/pictures. Would be much appreciated.
  15. ok so im at that stage of the build where i need to fit my rad. Im building a 2B with wishbones and have the rad that come with the kit. What I want to know is where to position the rad. How to mount it. (pictures would be really helpful). Or if anyone has used a different type of rad and would highly recommend it due to weight,size and that sort of stuff. Look forward to seeing some replys. If all goes to plan could have the engine running in a few days!!!!!!
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