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  1. Unfortunately I haven't got a rolling road! Mains drilled to 1.7, needle circlip on bottom groove, idle mixture 1.5 turns out. Worked everytime for me!
  2. Kieran

    Smokey Zetec

    Have you got positive crankcase breathing? They get smoky if the pcv valve doesn't see negative pressure
  3. Not in a massive rush. Just when you can please.
  4. Hi Peter, thanks for the offer but I think we'll be over in Lincolnshire at the weekend. Thanks again though. Still waiting for PayPal addresses. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi Peeps, Thanks for the replys. Bush top and bottom, only need 2. I'm in Penistone, South Yorkshire. Pm me your PayPal addresses and postage costs and I'll send the funds. Thanks again!
  6. Bogg Brothers at Elvington York any nearer?
  7. Anybody got a pair of Zeemerides for sale. I know they are guff, but they're for a project!
  8. Got a bIg press at work in Barnsley? I think I bought a silencer off you a while ago?
  9. My other project (Its a 1990 Skoda Rapid....) runs a 4/1 long primary manifold, to a 3.5" diameter silencer that consists of a perf tube wrapped in baffle wadding. The note is a bit harsh and boomy. Would increasing the diameter and using more wadding quieten it down a bit??
  10. Im in the process of resurecting my 2b. It passed its SVA 3 years ago, I drove for 18 months and then put it into storage. Everything works except the headlights. The sidelights work, and the main beam "flash" work but normal headlights and main beam dont. Im digging out the Haynes manual but any pointers would be appreiciated!!
  11. Kieran

    New Model @ Gbs

    Looking good, much smoother and firm looking, but I also dont reckon the missus would be too impressed if I tipped up with one...
  12. Is it a 3.5 or a 3.9?? Whats the spec?? With the Sierra being J reg, how would you get on with MOT emissions, would it be tested with Cat limits?? Whats the log book say?? Kieran
  13. I always seem to get respect from testers, especially if you mention you built the car. Also, make it clear, any repairs will be done by yourself and ask to see any "fail" points. Just my 2pence... Kieran
  14. Im looking for a Megajolt kit (for my Skoda Rapid of all things!! ) Can you buy the diy kits still?? Where's the cheapest place to buy them from?? Kieran
  15. I was once working about 200 miles away from home and my wife phoned me up from home to ask what the registration number of her car was. I pointed out that if she looked out of the window onto the drive, she would probably see for herself......
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