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  1. Send me a pm with your email address and i'll try and forward some of my old S7 nosecone (hinged at the bottom)
  2. Here it is - brave guy!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-37224187
  3. I would recommend 150 mm (or 6 inches in old money). It was certainly the standard for the SVA and is ok for the IVA as far as I know
  4. Al doing extremely well - tiny baby feeding and sleeping & big sister is helping mum look after him - downside is I had to go back to work today. We certainly must! I haven't had one of your excellent bacon rolls for a while
  5. I got my present a week early - a baby brother (Matthew) for my 5 year old daughter I even got a card from each of them
  6. robinj66

    Type 9

    Seal at the rear of the gearbox? Or the seal at the front of the 'box?
  7. robinj66

    Ouch My Eye

    I know how you feel !! The hospital tell you to be very still and not to blink whatever happens (as they approach your eye with a needle) I'm surprised I still have a working pair
  8. I keep telling work they should get an Ebay account
  9. We've got some of this at work - excellent stuff but I'm told it's about £25 a tube
  10. Car Builder Solutions http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/
  11. I loved my HB Viva. Many hours of fun and a great car to learn mechanics on (drums all round!!). Not too sure about the new one.....
  12. That's easy for you to say.... [i'll get my coat ]
  13. robinj66

    Hard To Start

    It sounds like someone has converted an auto choke to manual. Choke cables are widely available http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-LOCKING-CHOKE-CABLE-QUALITY60-MINI-CLASSIC-RELIANT-MG-FORD-VAUXHALL-/371245187792?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item566ff002d0
  14. AFAIK there's no reason why you can't fit a remote reservoir to the Sierra master cylinder providing you can find the correct fitting for the holes in the top
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