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  1. That's got to be the best on the list this year - congratulations!! Hope all are well?


    Al doing extremely well - tiny baby feeding and sleeping & big sister is helping mum look after him - downside is I had to go back to work today.

    Many congratulations to you both Rob - we must catch up sometime


    We certainly must! I haven't had one of your excellent bacon rolls for a while :hi:

  2. I know how you feel !!


    The hospital tell you to be very still and not to blink whatever happens (as they approach your eye with a needle)


    I'm surprised I still have a working pair :crazy:

  3. Salut. Je espère que cela fonctionne, je ai utilisé Goolge de traduire pour moi que mon français ne est pas bon. Voulez-vous dire pour remplacer les cadrans existants ou cherchez-vous les remplacer? Si vous voulez les remplacer, beaucoup de gens utilisent ETB www.etbinstruments.com ils sont très bons. Si vous cherchez seulement les cadrans chromés puis essayez www.carbuildersolutions.com ils peuvent avoir ce que vous désirez. Cordialement David


    That's easy for you to say.... :crazy:


    [i'll get my coat :ph34r: ]

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  4. Unfortunately I have now had a look at the T & C's.


    Firstly they include an agreement that all transactions are governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and they expressly exclude any European legislation relating to the sale of goods.


    The terms and conditions also include the following ....

    "Your order is an offer to Amazon to buy the product(s) in your order. When you place an order to purchase a product from Amazon, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and containing the details of your order (the "Order Confirmation E-mail"). The Order Confirmation E-mail is acknowledgement that we have received your order, and does not confirm acceptance of your offer to buy the product(s) ordered. We only accept your offer, and conclude the contract of sale for a product ordered by you, when we dispatch the product to you and send e-mail confirmation to you that we've dispatched the product to you (the "Dispatch Confirmation E-mail"). "


    So basically, as previously expected, we are well and truly not getting our bargains! :sorry:

  5. I too have received my cancellation emails :bad:




    The price stated by amazon ( or any other retailer ) is only an offer to trade -- they don' have to accept your offer to buy. May not be quite the right terms but that's how the cookie crumbles.


    It's been a while since I had the contract law books out and my memory may be a little rusty but...


    I agree with Florin - their "price" is an invitation to treat but you then accept (an "offer") and Amazon then confirm ("acceptance"). Thus we have an offer, acceptance, an intention on behalf of both parties to be legally bound. The only thing missing is the "consideration" (the money you pay). So long as funds haven't been transferred then the contract is not yet legally fulfilled.

    What I'm not sure of is when funds are actually transferred when paying by credit card. Or by debit card. What is the situation when paying by Paypal?


    Also I haven't yet had a chance to study Amazon's T & C's

  6. Guys, Have been looking all over the WEB, trying to find a near side Sierra LX (1986) drive shaft, new, refurbished, repairer or secondhand, but they are like gold dust, any suggestions?


    I'm not clear why you need a complete driveshaft? Surely you just replace the metal can and gaitor etc. You just need to know the dameter of the can as they come in two sizes. I have some of these repair kits going spare so if you need one get in touch.

  7. There are boots designed to stretch over the CV can

    If you cut the can the joint is dead, don't do it unles you change tripod bearings and have new can with them

    They are like rocking horse poo


    I've got some of these boot repair kits - they come in two size diameters - 73mm & 77mm


    I also think someone is selling them on Ebay

  8. The carb looks very much like a Weber 38 DGAS (or DGMS if it's a manual choke).


    The Weber name should be cast into the top of the carb body just in front of the throats.


    There should be an ID tag attached just behind the petrol pipes and "38DGAS" should be stamped into the base of the carb.


    Are you after a standard Ford air filter housing (as I have a couple of different ones in the shed) or an aftermarket one?

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