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    38 Dgas Carb

    It will be easier to set up than the Dellorto's but will probably need re-jetting for your Pinto Here's a schematic of the carb http://www.lcengineering.com/LCTechPages/pdf/38DGAS.pdf and a quick set up guide http://www.redlineweber.com/html/Tech/38_dgas_tunning.htm
  2. Do you need a hand with something Al ?
  3. Don't tell anyone but I've got an unopened tin in the garage. Bought it for the Cobra !!
  4. I think the stuff from years ago was "Rubbercote" by CarLife (?) Don't think it's made any more. I have heard good things about the CBS product
  5. What size is the the RV8? - certain capacities have more tendancy to problems as a result of overheating. What inlet manifold are you using? Do you have a composite or metal inlet manifold? Might be worth seeking an opinion on http://www.v8forum.co.uk/forum/index.php?sid=b37934ef1bd1ecff88f7671af2b224e7
  6. Wot SP said or try the braided hose sets from Rally Design - I used a standard Sierra set on mine (Sierra calipers)
  7. Truely a work of art. Wish I had your ability and determination
  8. Try HAGERTY. I've had good service from them for quite a few years and if you need to speak to someone on the phone you can. Based at Silverstone http://www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk/
  9. Mk 2 will have something similar - more like a plastic bowl similar to that on the Cortina (sorry for the weird description but I can't find a suitable picture at the moment). Dunno about Mk 3 onwards..
  10. i also had this problem on a search. Click on your profile and then on "posts" on the left hand side - that shows the last few posts you have made
  11. Stuart - What's the problem with the indicator cancel? On the Sierra steering column it's worked by a plastic spacer (see picture - just below the nut).
  12. Definitely a bargain - lucky man - a set of lathe tools will cost more than that ! I have to replace two gears in the reverse box of my Atlas lathe and each one will cost double what you paid for the whole thing
  13. What lathe have you got ? .....asks the sad man at the back
  14. Guys - you're right about the the male thread on thedrag links - Sorry for the confusion - bit of a long day yesterday
  15. Just checked the two crossmembers I have in the garage . Definitely bell and bolt to secure the rubber mou8nt t the gearbox but both rubbers are "rivetted" to the crossmember (although one is hex headed fixings)
  16. The top joints are http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transit-Replacement-tie-rod-drag-link-end-early-models-details-check-listing-/321069103658?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CommercialVehicleParts_SM&hash=item4ac135ba2a - Transit Drag Links, I think. This is the gearbox mount as it came off Mr Ford's best...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TYPE-9-GEARBOX-MOUNT-5-SPEED-CAPRI-GRANADA-SIERRA-RALLY-KITCAR-RACE-/300859983660?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item460ca7072c from memory, they are "riveted" to the crossmember and these are usually drilled out so that replacements are bolted. The above from memory so open to error
  17. Cool ta PS where can I download the stripdown & rebuild guide from?
  18. This needs lots more (and bigger ) pictures Also needs lots more info on a step by step basis for those of us who haven't yet delved into a full gearbox refurb
  19. Many Thanks Snow still hanging around a bit down here. Might get out into the garage today
  20. You'd never see all the pips
  21. robinj66


    No Otherwise it wouldn't keep the mixture within the cylinder when it was supposed to
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