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  1. Anyone got a spare rubber seal/ring - the bit that seals the filler where it goes into the tank. Got one but apparantly you need two for an S7. Otherwise what have others used to seal the sender unit into the RH stainless tank? Can't just use a cork gasket as the sender needs to sit quite high or the petrol feed pipe is too long
  2. You could try Ebay - here's one seller http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-competition-whe...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. You can drive to & from the SVA whether it passes or not ( subject to the tester declaring the car unsafe for the road). As far s I am aware,youcannot drive to/from the DVLA build-up inspection. I did manage to do this in Maidstone but only because the office is between home and the SVA. You need t be careful, especially in a part of the world where there are lots of cameras -driving a car wothout number plates does tend to get a certain amount of reaction fom other road-users. We even got pulled by the police as other drivers had reported the car without plates.
  4. Thanks Chaps John's is close to what I was thinking of doing but Enforcer's look very interesting. Obviously I got the brackets a long time after the kit was produced (just after the latest ahangeover as I recall) so I'm a bit surprised that I don't have the extra bits. Still, nothing to stop me welding extra bits on - except for my lack of welding skills!
  5. Another picture if this helps
  6. I have a Sierra based S7 with inboard front suspension. the kit originally came with mounts that bolted on but i have now aquired thje later (2B ?) type mounts which are a solid bar welded to a ring which fits over the mushroom (dummy strut which fits in the stub axle). I intend to wled the ring ofd the mount but am unsure whether to fix it to the (cast) stub axle or to the mushroom. Any Thoughts? this picture shows the originall mounts which allow too much vibration
  7. Sorry Andy but I think Enforcer has said it all. If you were to Appeal against the sentence I would limit it to the penalty points. However I wouldn't give you good odds on succeeding and even if you did, you would still get hit for the costs of the Appeal (which would be in a Crown Court). I can confirm that 6 points is within the Magistrates' sentencing guidelines as you were between 20 -30 mph over the limit. For what its worth, I would recommend anyone with a summons for a motoring offence to attend court in person - it always makes a better impression on the Magistrates and makes your case stand out from the hundreds of others they deal with in the same session. It also gives you the opportunity to apologise and explain your circumstances, including why more penalty points would not be appropriate.
  8. if you're intent on the small engine, then why not use a bike engine? Dunno what this will do to your insurance quotes but might be worth a try. You could always try putting your mum/girlfriend/wife on your policy - for some reason, putting a woman on the policy seems to have a favourable affect on the premium
  9. If you had a post 1995 engine fitted at SVA then you will have been tested to the most stringent emissions and will end up with those on your V5. Presumably, if you passed the SVA with a modern engine but later replaced it with a much older engine (incapable of meeting the stringent regs) presumably you would have to take the issue up with the DVLA, enclosing proof of age for the new engine with your notification of change of engine One thing to note - do check that the emissions on your V5 are correct. Mine weren't and after a lot of faffing about, it turned out the SVA tester had put the wrong code on the form sent off to DVLA
  10. Hi Bentley As regards the hot running, a friend of mine has the same problem. If your rad is positioned within the engine bay then there are a lot of components to block/disrupt the airflow. Things to check are (1) flush the block & rad; (2) use a 15 psi rad cap; (3) open up the holes in the metalwork surrounding the front suspension as much as you can; (4) create ducting within the nose all the way to the rad (as far as that is possible)
  11. Andrew Eric is right - you need to put the DESIGN WEIGHTS down on the SVA form. Within reason, it doesn't matter what figures you put down as long as they exceed the true axle weights. The reason for this is that when the tester weighs your car, it is seen to be within the design parameters. These figures are also used to calculate whether your car's braking is sufficient.
  12. Sounds like you have got a Sierra based S7. I changed my rear setup from separate (Sierra) springs and dampers to coilovers - should say not yet SVA'd Suppose I should add that I used the existing lower damper mount ( part of the original sierra trailing arm) and welded an upper mount to substantial angle iron that is bolted to the side of the monocoque. There are strengthening plates on the inside.
  13. Sorry for the delay - I've been at Silverstone over the weekend. The connector that you have marked "B" is POSITIVE and the "A" is NEGATIVE. Hope that helps
  14. robinj66

    Auto Choke

    I've had alook a the Haynes Carburettor manual and it doesn't say anything about not dismantling the auto choke, so I think you're safe . I have taken apart the unit on my 38DGMS without any major problem. from memory you just have to make sure the end of the sprung bimetallic strip is in the holder and rotate the choke housing (tightening up the spring) until the screw holes line up. For reassembly, the book simply says to "refit the choke pull-down diaphragm, spring and housing and secure with the three screws. Renew the vacuum seal, then engage the choke link rod into the choke lever arm. Refit the choke housing and secure with the three screws" Sounds simple doesn't it
  15. The distributor amp unit should be as follows - the innermost pin (usually white) should go to the coil POSITIVE and the outermost pin (usually black/white) should go to the coil NEGATIVE. The BLACK/RED from the crank sensor should go to coil POSITIVE and the GREEN to the coil NEGATIVE. I can't be sure about the brown as there's no mention of it in the workshop manual (sorry )
  16. There should be a number on the side of the distributor body Eg, 35DE8, DM8 or DLM8. (35D8 if it has points) That will help to advise re wiring up
  17. And another. I have to say i haven't seen this set-up before.
  18. Here is one of the pictures of Anthony's car
  19. Stafford Vehicle Suplies sell 'em
  20. Put it behind the steering wheel and it's in an exempt area
  21. Alex I'll check my paperwork and get back to you
  22. Here's how i fitted gaz shocks to the rear of my S7. I can confirm that gaz will supply you with a sleeve to go through the eye of the shock mounting
  23. Thank You Just as a matter of interest, why did Ford put so many relays in when it appears one will do the trick? There must be some advantage, given that ford never spend money unless they have to.
  24. Nigel Sorry to ask a stupid question but i really get confused with electrics - If using the 87 switches, do you need to use the whole 5 relay system (with a VG loom) or can you settle for one relay for high beam and one for dipped?
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